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Skunkabilly's still here??

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Braz, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. Braz

    Braz Well-Known Member

    Howdy all,

    Been gone for awhile, got into cowboy action shooting and it's keeping me busy every weekend. But I had a 'puter crash and upon retrieving my bookmarks, thought I'd check back in on The Road.

    Much to my amazment, the Tacticabilly is still on the left coast!! It has to be six months ago that I tried to arrange a farewell shoot for the Skunkster. What's the haps SB, has no one on the other side of the fruit curtain offered ya a job?? We may get a chance to shoot together after all, heh. Good luck with your hunt. Glad to see you're still on the High Road!

    Have fun, keep safe.
  2. Schuey2002

    Schuey2002 Well-Known Member

    Welcome back, Braz..

    To answer your question: Yep! Skunk is still livin' in Kali.. :uhoh:
  3. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    He even posted today.
  4. BerettaNut92

    BerettaNut92 Well-Known Member

    It's tactically unlogistical to move before you find another job :p
  5. Braz

    Braz Well-Known Member

    Hey SB,

    Gonna have to drag ya to a cowboy shoot sometime. Imagine IDPA with chaps. ;) With two pistols, rifle and shotgun used on most every stage, there's a lotta shooting fun. Guess I should post a pic in all ma gear. No backpack, but a huge hat, heheh.
  6. BerettaNut92

    BerettaNut92 Well-Known Member

    There HAS to be some sort of 19th-century Camelbak I can wear....:scrutiny:
  7. 45R

    45R Well-Known Member

    Yep its called a 10 gallon hat. :neener:

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