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Slack tide turning for ammo?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Creature, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Creature

    Creature Well-Known Member

    I just visited my LGS here in Virginia Beach and I was amazed to behold the shelves full of rifles and uppers of every description and, more amazingly, what had to be a ton of ammunition of every caliber, be it pistol and rifle.

    .223 especially was plentiful with every bullet weight and brand in abundance. The cherry on top of this wonderful experience was that the ammunition was at what I would call pre-panic costs.
  2. c4v3man

    c4v3man Well-Known Member

    Must have been a nice dream...

    That being said, I'm seeing alot more .223 popping up for ~$.30 a round online, which is a good sign. AR's are also available from $800 on up pretty frequently.

    Local walmart's still cleaned out though, of everything but the premium stuff.
  3. Creature

    Creature Well-Known Member

    I assure you, it was no 'dream'. I bought ten boxes of 223.
  4. Then drugs.
  5. OldBrownDog

    OldBrownDog Well-Known Member

    Was at my LGS/indoor range this morning to shoot. Saw 15 AR's, along with an even dozen Garands and M1A's on the rack. And all at reasonable prices - Windham Weaponry ARs were around $900 and they had a ton of ammo on the shelves. Got me a couple boxes of .45ACP and .22LR :D
  6. c4v3man

    c4v3man Well-Known Member

    I was just kidding. Enjoy your bounty!
  7. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

  8. returningfire

    returningfire Well-Known Member

    Ain't nothing on the shelves in Western NC.
  9. TarDevil

    TarDevil Well-Known Member

    ... or eastern.
  10. Nothing at all in West Texas. I doubt you could find enough to fill one 10 round mag. My local Academy got a case of 45 and some 7.62x54R and that was it.
  11. herkyguy

    herkyguy Well-Known Member

    what shop in VB? I'll gladly drive the hour to get some.
  12. ccsniper

    ccsniper member

    were still pretty dry here.
  13. 19-3Ben

    19-3Ben Well-Known Member

    My LGS had a few ARs on the wall today. First time I had seen any that were available for sale since a few days after the shooting when the panic hit its peak.

    I wouldn't say things were plentiful. Shelves were still pretty barren, ammo was still gone, etc... but there was definitely more than previously.
  14. Tallen45

    Tallen45 New Member

    I was jumping for joy when I finally found a box of blazer aluminum 9mm. Ammo is nonexistent in my area.
  15. sage5907

    sage5907 Well-Known Member

    Had something funny happen to me today. I had been to several lgs and Academy looking for 12 & 20 guage 2 3/4 inch field loads and they have been nonexistent in my area. Today I went to a farm supply store and they had several shelves of both Winchester & Remington 2 3/4 inch shotshells in 12 & 20 guage but no 3 inch rounds. Then I happened to think, they cater to farm people and most rural people still have 2 3/4 inch chambers and that includes me! The farm supply hadn't been affected by the run on gun stores. Couldn't believe my good fortune.
  16. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    Got an Email, Brownell's has shipped my backordered Black Dog AR-15 .22lr magazines, ordered mid December.

    Maybe things are slowly approaching some semblance of normal again. We can only hope!
  17. StrutStopper

    StrutStopper Well-Known Member

    A LGS had a shipment of ARs that were going for pre-panic prices, but as far as ammo goes, its just like when I go fishing. People near the empty shelves tell me I should have been there yesterday, or, we had some .22's earlier... Either my luck stinks or they're lying. Regardless, I don't have much left to shoot.
  18. mastiffhound

    mastiffhound Well-Known Member

    Queen of Thunder
    I fear that right now drugs are probably in more abundance and easier to get than ammo. I wonder how hard aspirin is? I wonder if it would fit in my mini lathe?
  19. Gallstones

    Gallstones Well-Known Member

    If so, it will take some time yet before the mule trains make it to Montana.
  20. Gallstones

    Gallstones Well-Known Member

    I'd try Centrum Silver first. You can't even digest those things.

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