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Small concealable 9mm's

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by 19-3Ben, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. 19-3Ben

    19-3Ben Well-Known Member

    DISCLAIMER- Ok so this is really a WAY over-done topic, and I know that using the search I could find infinite numbers of threads on this topic, but this isn't asking for info. It's just asking if I'm missing something.

    I am looking to replace my Sig P232. I love the gun. But honestly, it is oversized for a round as weak as the .380. I personally feel like the .380 is now relegated to the world of pocket guns. I also don't really trust the blowback action, and i don't like the mag release on it.
    I want to replace it with a small 9mm.
    Glock- is out. They don't fit my hand well.
    XD subcompact- also out. I don't like the way XDs balance. It's like a peg-legged hippo. All the weight is on top and it's all wobbly.
    Taurus mil pro- I don't trust their customer service, and products. I've seen good ones, and bad ones (like any company), but I'd rather not gamble on them making it right.
    Kahr CW9- I've heard problems with QC and with customer service, otherwise, i'd be all over it.
    Kel-tec PF9- gonna get that anyway. I'm looking for something a tad bigger here.

    My primary candidate is the new M&Pc. I just got the full sized M&P and LOVE it. to have a smaller carry gun that shares mags, especially with their current rebate... i mean it's almost too good to be true. I just want to be sure that I am not missing any guns in that general price range.

    Also, do you think the M&Pc is thick enough that it will make a difference in how it conceals compared to the slim P232? I have compared the thickness of my M&P to the P232, and it's a good deal thicker. On the other hand, i conceal my Ruger SP101 with no problems at all.
  2. senorlinc

    senorlinc Active Member

    as it would happen, i used to carry a p232til about 4 years ago...traded it for a glock but, like you, found it uncomfortable to handle as well as conceal....i now carry a m&p 9c in a mtac iwb. while it is a bit thicker than the sig, it is lighter and comfortable and easy to conceal in the holster i have. im slim frame and 5'11 and you really cant see this thing on my ss hip at 330-4:00.
  3. 19-3Ben

    19-3Ben Well-Known Member

    Nice. I too am slim at 160lbs, and 5'11. Sounds like a winner.
  4. newkahrman

    newkahrman Well-Known Member

    I had a m&p and now have a kahr cw9. For conceal carry and just fun to shoot the kahr is great. I had some problems with wolf ammo, but everything else has been flawless. The kahr is a high quality pistol. I was sold on the slimness of the kahr, it is very comfortable to carry, low recoil for such a small frame gun, accurate, and still under $450. We are all different though. I don't think you would go wrong with either of these guns.

    DENALI member

    I've heard this objection many times about Glock pistols and then seen the same person excel with them after some good tutoring. I also own the M&P 9c and like it's handling qualities, I also like the trigger on them. Not the pull but the shape of it vs the Glock, the Glock always bites my finger on the reset. One thing about the M&P, it's a little more complex than the Glock, having multiple takedown levers, it's not to be dry-fired, and certain types of ammo are verboten! It's black melonite finish is also only a surface treatment so don't expect it to avoid corrosion as the Glock does.
    I own both pistols, and I like both pistols, I'm just stating my observations about them. The M&P is also new as a model, so expect some tweaking and debugging over the next few years.
    Head to head, IMO it's not quite the match of the Glock in strength and durability although the gap is greatly narrowed, the M&P, at least mine, is more accurate than either my G-17 or G-19. It's also bigger then the G-26, it's direct competitor.....
  6. NWdude83

    NWdude83 Well-Known Member

    <--- CW9 owner
  7. usp9

    usp9 Well-Known Member

    Get a HK P7. It is the same size as the P232 it is replacing, though a bit heavier. Yes, that is a P7 hiding under the P232 in the photo.
  8. jwxspoon

    jwxspoon Well-Known Member

    Take a look at the kel-Tec P11 also. I have both the PF9 and the P11. The P11 normally carries 10 in the magazine, but you can find LE magazines that will hold 12. That gives you 13 rounds in an extremely light and small pistol - in fact the only 9mm that is smaller would be the PF9.

  9. jon_in_wv

    jon_in_wv Well-Known Member

    I carry an M&P 9c with a S&W 337 as a pocket gun and a P32 as my deep concealment gun. I am also getting a Ruger LCP for that duty. I am REALLY happy with my M&P. I've said many times before, I can't imagine how good a gun would have to be to replace my M&P. I used carry a KT P11. The M&P required a little more effort in the way of choosing a good holster to carry it but it is SO much more better to shoot quickly and accurately than the P11. The PF-9 is a very tempting weapon though. It is extremely small and light for its caliber, has good sights, a good trigger, and it really looks like a winner to me.
  10. takhtakaal

    takhtakaal Well-Known Member

  11. 19-3Ben

    19-3Ben Well-Known Member

    Denali I really appreciate all your advice, and your own personal experience with the M&Pc. It's not that I have anything against glock, in fact, I shoot them better than I shoot many other pistols. I really like Glocks. They just don't fit my hand well. As such, I won't get one, because they just feel "wrong" to me.
    USP9- If I had the money to buy a P7, i'd be all over it, and the $50 rebate for the M&P would mean nothing. Unfortunately, I just don't have the coin.

    JWXSPOON- I feel like Kel-tec is great for deep concealment. I handled my friend's P11 and while it was a nice gun, if I am going to get something that small, I might as well just get a PF9 which, as I said, i am going to get anyway.
    Perhaps I'll look into the CW9 more closely. ugh. here I pretty much had my mind made up and now you guys had to go ahead and enlighten me and now I'm all buggered up again.

    Takhtakaal- Way out of my price range, but those are neat guns.
  12. chupacabrah

    chupacabrah Well-Known Member

    I'll keep an eye on this thread to see what you end up getting, I'll be looking for a conceal piece sometime next year.

    I love my MP9 fullsize also :)
  13. surjimmy

    surjimmy Well-Known Member

    KAHR.....KAHR.....KAHR....KAHR. You might take a look a Kahr, love mine. same size as a PPK but in a 9mm or 40 cal.
  14. wingman

    wingman Well-Known Member

    KAhr MK9, excellent compact, accurate and no problems after 2 years
    and many rounds of reloads and commerical ammo.
  15. romma

    romma Well-Known Member

    I like the light weight of the Kahr PM9
  16. tinygnat219

    tinygnat219 Well-Known Member


    Get yourself a S&W 3913. Often considered the best S&W auto ever made.
  17. kymarkh

    kymarkh Well-Known Member

    I'm in the market for a small 9mm myself and have narrowed it down to the G26 or the CW9. I'm looking for something low maintenance and reasonably priced.

    I really wanted to like the PF9 and have tried several of them, but I like to shoot at least 100 rounds or so each trip to the range and I'm not convinced that it would last very long at that pace. I don't think it was really designed for high volume practice sessions.
  18. 19-3Ben

    19-3Ben Well-Known Member

    To all who are suggesting Kahr... all f their guns but the CW's are out of my price range. You're talking to a law school student. Student = very little money at the moment. Perhaps after a few years in practice when I start to make money it will be an option for for now $500 and less is the goal.
    I do appreciate how finely made they are, and as soon as I make any money, a kahr is one of the first items on the short list!!!!
  19. Kahr PM 9mm


    13,800+ rounds with nary any problems. Has been 100% reliable since purchased new June 05!

    Tough Guy Levi
    NRA Cert. Pistol Inst.

    PS: Kahr will be introducing a new Kahr .380- look for photos on website within a week or two!!!!
  20. jon_in_wv

    jon_in_wv Well-Known Member

    An M&P can be found pretty easily in the 350-400 dollar range. Often they can be had with a hoster too. Check the M&P forum.

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