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Small safe, not RSC

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by rtba, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. rtba

    rtba Member

    I'm looking to invest in a small (30-36H x ~24W) safe for a few handguns, valuables, papers, etc. I don't have enough [valuable] long guns, in my mind, to warrant a safe for them... I can look for a reasonably priced RSC just for that later if need be. I'd rather get a good B or even C rated, fire resistant safe first.

    I'm assuming this will be a 700+lb box. Where does one put it and how best to secure it? On concrete only? Putting it in a garage does not make sense to me -- my home security system doesn't care about the garage door. Can it be made non-obvious in some way?

    Once you get above the RSC consumer market, what distinguishes these safes from each other and how can I know what will matter most to me, i.e. how can I compare those differences in some meaningful way that can help me make a decision? And finally, which players in this space should I be looking at and how much should I expect to have to pay (ball park)?

  2. a1abdj

    a1abdj Well-Known Member

    There are some B rates that carry the RSC label as well. Since the RSC is a minimum requirement, this isn't anything that should cause any concern.

    Short of a higher end safe, you won't see many C rates with fire ratings. Several companies offer composite B rates. AMSEC makes smaller BF safes, built similar to their gun safes. They are also available with interior options, and nicer paint finishes.
  3. rtba

    rtba Member

    Thanks for the info! If the Amsec BF safes are similar to their gun safes, couldn't I just get a gun safe and be done? I see you're in this business and that you have B rated gun safes too. How do you think they compare to the Amsec BF series? As far as I can tell, they both have a comparable amount of steel. I was thinking that I'd rather get something better as a smaller safe, but if there's something that can serve both purposes then perhaps it's worth investigating. On the other hand, if there are appreciable differences in going with something else, I'm willing to pay more. In some things it's not a good idea to cut corners or worry about spending more to get more. This seems like it might be one of those things.
  4. CB900F

    CB900F Well-Known Member


    You can go to: www.graffundersafes.com and look at the HB series there. However, small safes are much more expensive than larger safes when you compare the cost per protected cubic inch of interior space. Therefore, you may also wish to look at the B6026 or B6032 units.

    Depending on your home's construction, there is usually no problem with placing a unit in the house. But, there are some guidelines it's a very good idea to pay attention to.


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