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Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by Meow, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. Meow

    Meow Well-Known Member

    Do any High Roaders have experiance with this holster? comments? good,bad?
  2. CleverNickname

    CleverNickname Well-Known Member

    I've worn one every day to work for over a year. Two suggestions: first, wear relatively loose pants (for comfort and for better concealment). Second, grip length doesn't matter as much as barrel length. My Kahr PM9 is about as big a pistol as I'd want to carry in it, but I've heard other people claim to carry full-size 1911's in them. I don't understand how they'd be able to sit down.
  3. V-fib

    V-fib Well-Known Member

    I believe the owner of smartcarry carries a full size 1911. I carry a SP 101 3" with no trouble and nobody knows I'm carrying. The website www.smartcarry.com gives you lots of tips on using the holster. They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee if your not happy with it. :cool:

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