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Smith & Wesson 4566 questions

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Col. Plink, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Col. Plink

    Col. Plink Well-Known Member

    Hey y'all,
    Just a couple o' questions about my new 'pretty' .45

    Anyone know if the sights are adjustable for elevation?

    Anyone carry this bad boy concealed or can recommend a holster for such (specific to this model)?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Wolfman131

    Wolfman131 member

    No, the stock "fixed" sights are fixed! The 4566 is an awesome .45 auto, IMO one of the best pistols every produced by S&W, but its awfully heavy, and bulky for ccw work. Thats why S&W produced the same pistol in an alloy framed version, with light rail.

    It was called the 4563 TSW.
  3. Charles S

    Charles S Well-Known Member

    As previously answered. No they are not.

    I carried a similar 4567 for many years. If you intend on trying that, I would suggest a really good... wide belt, and really good leather.

    Great gun!
  4. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    The pictures I'm seeing of this model all show a Novak type of fixed sight, not an adjustable. The rear sight can be moved sideways (windage) by loosening a set screw and pushing in the appropriate direction. But for elevation you would have to change the sight for one of a different height.
    Have you actually shot it yet? It might surprise you and actually hit to point of aim. :p
  5. Col. Plink

    Col. Plink Well-Known Member

    Yes, LH, I've shot it; it shoots high, hence the question...
  6. Col. Plink

    Col. Plink Well-Known Member

    New question: mag HAS to have yellow follower? Value?

    Does anyone know if the S&W4566 needs to have a magazine with a yellow follower or if similar mags for other models will fit?

    Also, having trouble finding examples of this gun model for sale so don't know what range they're currently worth.

    Any advice would help.
    Thanks, y'all!
  7. CZ223

    CZ223 Well-Known Member

    There is one at my LGS

    right now for $450. I am awfully tempted at that price but I just picked up a 645 from the same store.
  8. Thaddeus Jones

    Thaddeus Jones Well-Known Member

    If you like the 645 you will love the 4566.

    $450 is a good price for a 4566 in good condition. They are tack driving accurate and boringly reliable. They look good doing all that too in contrast to current tupperware guns.

    The 8 round S&W 45XX mags with yellow and black followers will all work in the 4566. I only use the black ones in my for serious carry 4566 pistol. They were the last and "best" design.

    Let us know how it shoots! :)
  9. Charles S

    Charles S Well-Known Member

    All S&W 8 round magazines work well in my gun. 645 metal follower included.


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