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Smith & Wesson M&P 9 vs M&P 9 Pro

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Evergreen, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Evergreen

    Evergreen Well-Known Member

    Hi, I am looking to buy a new S&W M&P 9 handgun and I am doing away with my .45. FOr the last 2-3 years, I have been concealing my S&W M&P 45 on my hip with a Comp-Tac Minotaur paddle holster. The gun conceals beautifully with a fleece vest , but is too noticeable with my body frame if I am just wearing t-shirt and shorts. I have gotten use to it, and in Oregon, where I am located, its cold most of the year, so this is not a problem. In summer I Conceal my snubby and just live without the big gun.

    Now, I am looking into getting the M&P9, I am stuck in a dilemma between the S&W M&P9 vs M&P9 Pro. I see the M&P Pro comes in 4.25" and 5".

    Here are some questions I have:
    Since, I am use to concealing the 4.5" M&P 45, would there be any significant difference in concealing the 5" M&P 9 Pro?

    Would the extra .75" make a significat difference in the performance/accuracy of this gun at the distances that most self-defense situaitons would occur, lets say 5-20yards?

    What advantages are there of the Pro series pistols compared to the regular M&P series pistols? I know the trigger pull is bit lighter and reset is shorter, any other benefits? How significant of a difference would you say the trigger would be?

    I like the Tritium night sights on the 4.25" models more than the bulky fiber sights on the 5" models.. This may be another factor. I don't want a handgun without night sights, as there is a good chance I will have to use it in the dark in a SD situation.
  2. zim

    zim New Member

    If you want the 5" I'd suggest you look at the 9L.

    The difference between the 9-Pro and the 9L is that the Pro has some trigger work done to it and comes with a black rear sight with a FO (HiVIZ) front sight. I got the Pro thinking the trigger would suit my needs out of the box but it was still pretty gritty and I wound up adding the Apex Tactical Solutions DCAEK (https://apextactical.com/store/index.php), so the only benefit I got out of the Pro were the sights, and I'm not a huge fan of those, and it appears neither are you. If I had it back to do it again I'd have gotten the 9 full size or possibly the 9L, added the DCAEK (it's easy to do yourself, though they do recommend a gunsmith) and kept the stock sights.

    As to the difference between the 4.25" & 5", you get .75" of additional sight radius and barrel, so theoretically it can be a bit more accurate. I really don't know if there's any practical difference, especially as I only have the 5".

    So yeah, if you want the 5" look at the L, otherwise go with the 4.25" full size. Add the Apex DCAEK, and you'll be set.
  3. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    I also recommend the 9L + Apex parts Vs. 9Pro...you just get more for your dollar
  4. Evergreen

    Evergreen Well-Known Member

    How much would it cost a gunsmith to install the Apex parts? I am not competent in gunsmithing at all and I am always afraid to strip my pistol or rifles past the basic stripping. I am told it could require some special adjustments, that I am not willing to do.
  5. zim

    zim New Member

    It's quite easy to do -- I wouldn't consider myself competent in gunsmithing either, but the simplicity of the action of the gun results in a really easy gun to work with. All I used was a 1/8" punch, a hammer, some masking tape, and a stack of magazines on the kitchen table. The youtube videos (http://www.youtube.com/user/apextactical) are very helpful and Randy Lee from Apex frequents the boards at mp-pistol.com and responds to PM's.

    That said if you really don't want to do it yourself, I doubt a competent gunsmith that knows how easy it is would charge much. If they've never done it before they may quote you 100 bucks, but I've heard some stories of some gunsmiths charging less after they completed the work. Your mileage may vary.
  6. Hagen442

    Hagen442 Well-Known Member

    The Pro

    The Slick Stuff is already done, plus a 5in Gun
    Just compare the Triggers and you will understand.
  7. Skylerbone

    Skylerbone Well-Known Member

    My vote is for the compact. I'm not sure why you're opting out of the .45 at this point but the M&P comes in a handy 3.5" model in both 9mm and 40S&W.

    I have the 40 full size (4 1/4"), 9c (3 1/2") and bought my wife the 9L (5"). While the long barrel is a bit more accurate the compact loses nothing on paper to it at 10 yards. Beyond 15 yards the group spreads out and at 50 yards (I've tried it for fun) the 9c is still on the target, assuming it's life-size; )

    I installed the Apex parts in my 40 and did the other two action jobs myself. Nothing difficult about it. Google "Burwell M&P trigger job" to get an idea of the necessary steps or for help in disassembly.

    Good luck.
  8. Go with the 5" Pro. You will love it and it's accuracy.
  9. Magichelmt

    Magichelmt Well-Known Member

    I just picked up a M&P Pro last week. I love it. I have put 500 rounds of WWB and Federal through it plus 100 rounds of my hand loads. No FTE's. I had a chance to shoot the XD, XDM, and the M&P 9l last weekend. I liked the M&P best. When I got to Larry's they had the Pro for a good price and I jumped on it. Then they gave me a fair trade in on a Taurus I was glad to get rid of, so I have less than $300 into it. Down the road I might play with the Apex stuff. One of the guys in our local IDPA group has a pro with a full Apex setup. I hope to shoot his soon.
  10. Quack

    Quack Well-Known Member

    buy which ever you can find cheaper. i was able to pick up a LNIB Pro for $430, but also added an APEX sear and SSS Ti FPB, it's much better than the stock Pro.

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