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Smith & Wesson Model 10 price check

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by trbon8r, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. trbon8r

    trbon8r Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for pricing info on a S&W Model 10-2. It is a 4" barrel model in like new condition, with an asking price of $460. Can anyone give me a ballpark range of what years the -2 model were made, and what the approximate value of the gun would be? Is there anything in particular I should be looking for when buying a vintage Model 10? Are there any model years or variants that are considered to be more desirable? Thanks!
  2. SaxonPig

    SaxonPig Well-Known Member

    I think early 1960s. If it has the box it's a good deal. If no box but truly almost new it's OK (all just my opinion, you understand). Do you want a collectible gun? I prefer the $200-$250 shooters, myself.
  3. Oro

    Oro Well-Known Member

    Actually, it might be a quite good deal. The 10-2 has scarcity value - it was only made less than one year (SP is correct, it's either '61 or '62, one of the two - can't recall exactly). Then another engineering change superceded it. It's only going to be worth something to a real collector, as it's functionally not any different than earlier or later models. For that price, make sure it has the original grips numbered to it. Nothing else really to note that isn't covered in the check-out sticky at the top of the forum.
  4. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member

    That price seems high to me. If it's like new with box and papers, maybe it's OK. A year ago that would bring $350 max, but today's market is very volatile. I recently bought a 66-1, nib, for $40 more.
    You really can't pay to much, you just bought it to soon.
  5. trbon8r

    trbon8r Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I think I will pass on this one, or try to offer a little less than the asking price.
  6. Daizee

    Daizee Well-Known Member

    I saw a 10-? 2" SB w/ Tyler-T in a local shop for something like $460. yikes. I let it pass. It saw there awhile, but is gone now.

    Mine is a 4" HB 10-8, which had $225 on the tag.
    It didn't last. :)

  7. J.R.W.

    J.R.W. Well-Known Member

    What should a 10-9 with only a slight drag mark, nice bore, and slightly damaged grips sell for? The bluing is perfect except for the drag mark. It's a 4" barrel with standard sights.
  8. woad_yurt

    woad_yurt Well-Known Member

  9. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member

    $460 is a premium collector's price for a LNIB S&W Model 10-2. It was produced only in 1961 and is a four screw taper barreled gun.

    To be honest, I don't think many collectors would pay such a premium price for the gun. Keep in mind that LNIB means unfired in the original box with all the documents and such.

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