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Snail Capper with Old Army

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Thatcher, May 21, 2006.

  1. Thatcher

    Thatcher Member

    Could anyone recommend a snail capper that fits a Ruger Old Army ?
  2. Tight_Wad

    Tight_Wad Active Member

    I've always used the Ted Cash brass snail capper with my Rugers - some say it won't work with the Old Army but no ones told my pair. There is a technique to using them which you learn to develop.

    There is also a plastic version by Thompson Centre which I believe is effective but I haven't personally tried it.

    Take a look at them on http://www.dixiegunworks.com codes are NA3907 for the Ted Cash and NA0810 for the Thompson.

    Tight Wad

    PS. Bear in mind it's important to find a good fitting cap for your Ruger nipples if using a capper since you won't have the chance to give them a pinch to ensure they don't fall off. I find Remington #12 work for me but you'll have to experiment.

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