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So, how many states are "shall issue" now?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by jnojr, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. jnojr

    jnojr Participating Member

    Mar 19, 2004
    Reston, VA
    I was hoping to find a map that shows all of the states and their status... shall-issue, may-issue, no-issue
  2. mikeb3185

    mikeb3185 Member

    Aug 31, 2004
    Western, NY
  3. ElTacoGrande

    ElTacoGrande Member

    Oct 31, 2005
    República Aztlán
    A whole bunch. There's no updated map AFAIK.

    Never-issue: IL, WI, with WI probably changing next year

    May issue, but no permits ever issued: HI

    Law in place but not implemented yet: NE and KS

    May issue in law, shall issue in practice: CT and AL

    May issue, but accepts non-resident permits from shall-issue states, so it might as well be shall-issue: DE

    Iowa: May issue, some parts very liberal, probably going to nearly-shall-issue this year

    RI and MD: May issue, probably going shall-issue in the next few years

    NJ: May issue, in practice, very very rare

    NY: May issue, depending on location

    CA: May issue, depending on location

    Within the next five years, there will only be five "difficult" or "no-issue" states left. It looks like eventually even IL, HI and CA might join the winning team. Which state will be the last holdout? Will it be NY, or IL, or NJ or HI?

    Really I would say that there are five hold-out states: NY, CA, NJ, HI and IL. All the others are there, nearly there, or on their way.

    If Jim's legal strategy pays off (and we're all hoping!) CA could switch within the next couple of years. If we can get rid of Sheriff Baca, that will move 10mil people from "no issue" to "with articulable reason issue", which is good enough for me.

    How can the fight be won in NY or IL or NJ or HI? I have no idea what the residents of those states are doing to get there. They have their unique difficulties and cultural and institutional inhibitions about it.

    Clearly there's a whole "tipping point" thing going on. 20 years ago when Florida passed its law no one would have thought this would happen.

    I'm hopefully that W will do one big thing for gun rights which is get in place some kind of federal reciprocity bill. That may be the only thing that will ever bring CCW reform to some of these Five Holdouts (NY,IL,NJ,HI,CA).
  4. Don't Tread On Me

    Don't Tread On Me Senior Member

    Jul 19, 2004
    How many states are "shall issue"?

    Not enough! All States (except Vermont and Alaska) need to become shall-issue, then starting with the most progun states, begin the cycle over to unrestricted, licenseless carry. The way concealed carry was meant to be according to the 2nd Amendment.

    Just because I support concealed carry, doesn't mean that I believe we should get a permit (permission) or license to exercise what is a God-given right. I just think that State-permitted carry is better than no carry, only because lives are at stake.

    Get concealedcarry first, then start working for deregulation.
  5. American By Blood

    American By Blood Member

    Apr 3, 2006
    Maryland, the 'Kwa
    Shall issue - MD


    Do you really think MD will be going shall-issue that soon? I know there's a small movement for it among the gunnies here, but it seems like it's barely even on the radar outside of our circles.

    I mean, Mayor O'Malley has yet to give a "the streets will run red" or "Dodge City" speech...
  6. ElTacoGrande

    ElTacoGrande Member

    Oct 31, 2005
    República Aztlán

    On the one hand, it's a small state of no-packing surrounded by shall-issue states (minus DC). On the other hand, it has a large black population, which is historically anti-CCW (for reasons too depressing to think about).

    I think it will change. It may take some fighting, but with every state that goes shall-issue, it gets that much harder to trot out the old "blood in the streets" thing. "Well, um, 40 other states have it and it has been fine, but our citizens are totally different from all those 40 states! All you guys who are voting in the next election, well, let me tell you, unlike the voters in the other 40 states, you guys are psychos who can't be trusted, so vote for me!"

    Um yeah.

    Remember, it often takes the bill two or three tries to get through the leg. and get through a veto. Here in CA we're way behind because we've never even had a bill introduced AFAIK. I'm just hoping that Jim can put some heat into this issue with his suit.

    DTM: Absolutely right. The only way to do this is incrementally. I would guess that most states will never accept Vermont-style, but some will. First step, let's get 50 states of shall-issue.

    For all of you who have any passing interest in what goes on in California, please pay attention to our LA County Sheriff's race. Sheriff Baca of LA County controls issuance for 10mil people, which is bigger than several states. If we get him out, that's like several states switching from no-issue to may-issue.

    On the "tipping point" issue: I just now checked the Brady Campaign website. Not a mention of the news from KS or NE! Even they can see this is a losing battle. No one wants to be on the losing side. I don't think the Dem party has a position on this either. I've said it here many times before, CCW is the most important issue we have in gun rights because it is a formal acknowledgement from the state that we have the right to use guns to defend ourselves, which is a non-sporting purpose.

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