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So I picked up a 597. A few questions...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by AllAmerican, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. AllAmerican

    AllAmerican Well-Known Member

    Got it out the door for $100 even. Brought her home and loaded the mag. Had a few FTF's and a few FTE's. Im sure the gun needs cleaning and Ive heard this is the reason. Could have been me some too LOL

    OK, a few questions:

    1) Does anyone know where Id find info on dating this by serial #?

    2) Has anyone had any success using the Hi Cap mags with this?

    3) Does anyone lese like the way the gun feels? It feels like alot more gun than it is and I think thats a plus.
  2. Strakele

    Strakele Well-Known Member

    1. I don't know.
    2. They have mixed reviews. I've been thinking about picking up one of the black ones made by Remington.
    3. I agree - one of the reasons why I bought mine.

    That's a pretty good deal even for a used one. Did you get one that came with a scope? What ammo did you use? Mine seems to like CCI Blazers.
  3. CajunBass

    CajunBass Well-Known Member

    I got one about a year ago. I like my 10/22's better, but that's more that I like wood stocks better than I do plastic ones. One shoots about the same as the other. I do like the "big rifle" feel the 597 has. One thing I can say about it is it has never jammed.

    I use mine mostly for bad weather squirrel hunting. I hate to take a nice walnut stock out in the rain.

    Can't help you with your other questions. Someone on RimfireCentral.com might be able to help with those.
  4. KzoneAL

    KzoneAL Well-Known Member

  5. stealth

    stealth Well-Known Member

    1) No I dont either, sorry
    2) Havent tried, using factory plastic mag
    3) Yes I do, and it has been all over the place.

    Mine has been great, just starting to get to use it more. It has been having cycling problems, I tracked it down to the plastic mag it came with years ago, It dosent want to pop the round up to be stripped by the bolt. I'm currently looking for a new mag for it. The newer mags are metal.. so there is good reason to assume they will perform different as well. We'll see, but the mag is the issue, not the rifle (yet). :neener:
  6. gunsandreligion

    gunsandreligion Well-Known Member

    I find their pretty nice guns I also like the feel of the stock and the sights are probably the best you can get on a semi auto in its price range the only problem I have whith it is that it wont feed winchester Xperts
  7. AllAmerican

    AllAmerican Well-Known Member

    Part of the problem is that I was running Xperts through it today. I tried to clean it today but it was already pretty clean.

    It did not come with a scope on it. I am going to put a scope on it. Bushnell.

    I will say this. It is accurate and I really like the sights that are on the barrel.
  8. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    hi cap mags should be fine. make sure you get the latest gen mags for it, should have a 10 in a circle, on the bottom or side of mag.
    also , take it apart; take the action out of the assy., and take the bolt assy rails all the way out, clean everything, and the rails, polish with some oil, and some 0000 steel wool, until the are as smooth and shiny as your grandpappy's scalp.
    when you put back together, put the rails back in, but just finger tight, and just enough to close it all up and put back together. do not tighten in the rails anymore than you need to , to close up the action. this is the main problem; when the rails are in tight, they bind up the bolt assy., as it travels rearward.
    so keep them in there loosy goosy.
    if still having a ftf, fte problem, get a new extractor for it, I think by Volquartzen, and that should solve your problem.
  9. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, I don't know where you are, but if you find another remmy 597 for 100 bucks, and you are anywhere near Houston, I will deff buy it from you, even if you need a finders fee as well!!!
    get you a brick of Aguila hi velocity copper coated solid bullets, no hollow points, and really let them fly, that should smooth up the action quite well, and make the feed area a lot smoother, so that it can easily take hollow points or the winny's. If you cannot find Aguila, look for another similar type bullet with the characteristics mentioned above, just avoid remingtons', or you will have 1 of the dirtiest rifles ever, after shooting a brick of those.
  10. AllAmerican

    AllAmerican Well-Known Member

    ranger, Im actually in SC. Yeah I get good deals from this guy. Ive been going into his shop maybe 2 times a week for the last three years and weve become frinds. He shows me what he's got coming in and generally he'll tell me what he's got into the stuff he gets. I give him some profit and we make a deal. He bought this Remy for $50 so he made $42 bucks on it selling it to me.

    I bought my SKS there and my Marlin 60 and my Remy 770 as well as my Keltecs. He deals in new guns as well.

    Yeah Im gonna take it apart and do as you suggested. Im sure it will work just fine.
  11. kevin murphy

    kevin murphy Member

    Dang AllAmerican , wish I could find one for that price too. rangerruck, I live in H town also, actually Pasadena, but close enough, what area are you in?
  12. SWC Bonfire

    SWC Bonfire Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know of a retailer that sells the new-generation magazines? Mine won't feed for ___. I won it in a raffle several years ago (stainless/gray composite stock).

    I agree with the others, the ergonomics of the rifle are good, as are the nice adjustable sights.

    I will try some hotter ammo as posted as well, but even CCI didn't work.
  13. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    I live in west houston, towards American Shooting centers. You know what above dude? call remington up, and tell them what mags you have, they will replace them for you, usually at no chg, 1 for 1. any big box store should have them as well.
    Including wallyworld, basspro, Academy, gandermtn., etc.
  14. SWC Bonfire

    SWC Bonfire Well-Known Member

    As an update, I just bought as many kinds of ammo as I could find. Upon closer inspection, one type of failure was the ammo was feeding out of the magazine, but not sliding up into the chamber. Use of 36 grain federals usually solved this problem (a more "pointed" bullet shape). It would not feed any 40+ grain projectile I tried (CCI, Remington, Winchester, Aguilla). It would just jam them sideways with enough force to actually deform the bullet/shave a semicircle of lead off.

    The second issue is the follower binding in the magazine. The spring is so weak that as it approaches the top of the magazine it doesn't have enough force to break the follower loose and the bolt closes over the stationary round in the magazine. It is possible that with use the follower will slick up a little, but overall it is a flawed design. They should have at least molded the follower out of a UHMW PE or teflon if they were going to keep it plastic, but the way that the follower can get stuck unless it is perfectly aligned in two slots is a design flaw in itself.

    I believe I have the latest magazine. It is just a bad design. I will try cleaning and oiling it repeadedly to get it to loosen up before giving up.

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