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So tell me about South Dakota.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by SaintofKillers, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. SaintofKillers

    SaintofKillers New Member

    Currently inprisoned in Hellinois, and am thinking in the next 2-3 years of getting out of dodge.

    I visit SD every other year, Chamberlin/Oacoma area and Rapid City mostly. Am thinking of either Keystone or Deadwood and working in Rapid City.

    Or East of Mitchell and working Sioux Falls.

    Me blue collar auto tech.

    Wife working on the CPA.

    We want to move to a little bit gun friendlier place.

    Anyone know where I can get more info about jobs, schools, housing and such. We have property where we are at, which affords me my own range and would like the same whereever we go. We want to stay "outside of town" so to speak.
  2. Take me with you. :(
  3. neoncowboy

    neoncowboy New Member

    Man, if it's a gun friendly place you want...and you don't mind the cold...

    Why not join up with the GROWING numbers of liberty loving folks who want the same thing and are moving to Wyoming in an effort to preserve that state's freedom loving ways?

  4. Why'd you have to pick such a cold State. If it wasn't so cold, I might join the movement. How about we all move to Georgia instead?
  5. michael_aos

    michael_aos New Member

    My sister and her family live in Mitchell.

    I spent a couple weeks in the Sturgis area during the rally of 1995.

    I've driven through many times, from my home in Colorado to visit my parents in Minnesota.

    I don't think it's as gun-friendly / Libertarian as it was 30yrs ago.

    I guess I'm not really a big fan.

  6. michael_aos

    michael_aos New Member

    My ex-wife's-sister and her family live up in Bonner's Ferry Idaho. We visited a few times and I thought it was an awesome place in the Summer.

    But the Winters suck.

  7. SSTHitman

    SSTHitman New Member

    It's a great state as far as Im concerned. The education system is excellant, with several good universities...South Dakota students have more access to computers than in any other state. You shouldnt have any troubles finding a job in Sioux Falls. I dont know what the housing market is like in Sioux Falls but I do know that a little goes a ways here in Watertown. Compared to everywhere else, I think the cost of a house/living in South Dakota is really low. South Dakota is really gun friendly too, I see guns hangin on the back windows of trucks all the time... I can even have a gun here at school! Oh, and the hunting and fishing is awesome. Check out http://www.state.sd.us/ it might have a little more detailed information.
  8. hillbilly

    hillbilly New Member

    For two years, my wife and I lived in Gillette, WY, about 90 miles due west of Rapid City.

    Rapid City was where we went to go to what passed for a real shopping mall.

    Rapid City is freakin' cold.

    And I mean cold...........really cold.

    A lot colder than Illinois.

    And snow....lots of snow.

    Did I say it was cold?

  9. C96

    C96 New Member

    Born and raised in SoDak. Left a long time ago, thought several times about
    going back. Lots of good things about SoDak including their firearms attitudes.

    The weather is best described as nine months of Winter and three months of tough sledding. :evil:

    Actually Summers can be quite hot and humid but I really miss the pheasant hunting. :(

  10. I'll cover the Black Hills area first. North eastern Wyoming is also in the Black Hills. Property taxes are cheaper in Wyoming but vehicle registration fees are higher. Property taxes in SD are twice what they are in Wyoming but vehicle registration is a bargain. Maybe it's a push.

    If you like motorcyles there's lots of fun twisty roads in the area, the same goes for off road and trails. Both Wyoming and SD are gun friendly. Given the choice I'd choose Wyoming and keep mosta my vehicles/toys registered somewhere else.

    Central SD is pretty flat. However the state capitol grounds in Pierre (sp?) are about as scenic as one can get. It's a nice town, too. Around Mitchell it's flat. Entertainment consists of pheasant hunting in the fall and seeing what changes have been made to the Corn Palace http://www.cornpalace.org/ Hot in the summer with mosquitos and cold in the winter.

    South eastern SD (Souix Falls) Often picked as one of the better small cities in the country for living. Generally milder winters than Mpls/St.Paul and Chicago. Hot in the summer with MOSQUITOS in the rural areas due to all the water around the rivers. I'd choose the Black Hills area, especially if you like motorcycles.

    Lastly, neither Wyoming nor South Dakota have a state income tax.
  11. wdlsguy

    wdlsguy New Member

  12. JonnyB

    JonnyB New Member

    Bah! Rapid City is the Banana Belt of the midwest. It rarely gets really cold there. They have many 50+ degree days throughout winter. When it's *cold* here in Minnesota, Rapid will be experiencing Denver-like Chinook winds, and have 55 degrees. Their snow is wimpy as well. Go to *North* Dakota for cold.

    SD is a fine state; no state income tax, gun friendly, legal gambling if you like, good bird/deer/antelope hunting, wide-open spaces. Carry permits are $10, no training or test required. And the locals don't much care for enviro or animal-rights activists.

    Sioux Falls is a big city in a small-town state. I, personally, would stay away form ther but that's just me. Rapid is touristy in the summer.


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