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So you want to buy your girlfriend/wife a gun

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by 1858remington, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. AlexanderA

    AlexanderA Well-Known Member

    My wife has zero interest in guns (either pro or con). I'd like to keep it that way. First, this tends to keep her nose out of my gun collecting activities. Second, I wouldn't trust her with a gun, any more than I would trust her with our finances. Other than that, our relationship is just fine. (Married 33 years, btw.)
  2. jbr

    jbr Well-Known Member

    you better hope she doesn't learn to shoot especially if she reads this forum!
  3. Billyj571

    Billyj571 Member

    XDM 9mm wife's dead on with it.
  4. PcolaDawg

    PcolaDawg Well-Known Member

    I wanted my wife to carry for her protection, but she was/is very scared of guns.

    HOWever, she understands the wisdom of it, and since my sister started carrying a gun and they are best friends, she agreed to take the class and try and find a gun she was comfortable with.

    She demanded I attend the class with her (at a Florida gun show), though, as she didn't want to go by herself. I felt that was a small price to pay, plus I could attend for free. PLUS, it's never a bad idea to go through the basics again. I'm glad I did.

    Then we went out to the backyard and tried a bunch of different handguns. I was hoping she would go for the nice S&W 642 J Frame. I was even prepared to buy her the one with the pink handle. :eek: But, she hated the trigger pull, and the recoil was a little much for her.

    After shooting a bunch of different guns, she decided on the smallest option we had for her to shoot that day - a Kel Tec P32. She actually ended up enjoying shooting that gun, and was very accurate with it, which also gave her a lot of confidence.

    So I got her a Kel Tec P32 (in green, which is her favorite color :eek:) which she carries with her.

    UNFORTUNATELY, she simply refuses to trust a gun without a safety, so she refuses to keep a shell in the chamber. :banghead:

    So, basically, I'm still looking. I just bought myself a Bodyguard 380, and she likes the fact that it has a safety and an integrated laser. So she's going to give it a try soon. Unfortunately, I don't think she'll like the recoil at all.

    So I'm kind of still looking, but I am pleased she has her CCW license and does carry a handgun. Even if she doesn't keep a bullet in the chamber. :uhoh:

    Baby steps are better than no steps at all. :cool:
  5. Nushif

    Nushif Well-Known Member

    I'd be on the couch until the divorce if I wrote that. >.<
    Nope. My wife picks all her own guns and does all her own cleaning, shooting and work on her own collection.
  6. My husband took me to the gun show this weekend so that I could find my next gun, the one I've been dreaming of, my first 1911! and a Beretta 92FS! I know what I like, and I think if your wives shoot at all, they will know what they want too! I've got pics and info on my guns on my blog.
    Nushif, it sounds like your wife and I would get along!
  7. K0ZZZ

    K0ZZZ Well-Known Member

  8. My better half likes the XDM 45 that she bought for my valentines day present..maybe she really got it for herself..........:scrutiny:
  9. LowerLeft

    LowerLeft Member

    Hey all, I haven't read all the way through the whole thread - gotta get a move on.
    My wife however, from her first marriage has an SP101 - but she doesn't shoot or practice or anything. She's always affraid that the children might get a hold of it and that whole story. No matter the precautions, the locks everything. Anyway, our son together, he's 6 now, has shown a great interest in guns.... But of course, right!
    Anyway, I've used the 'I'll get you an airsoft or bb gun upon these conditions' - yes I've had to resort to that. But since then, my wife is coming around and starting to feel much more confortable about the guns. It's two or three times a week I'm showing my son the do's and don'ts of the weapons, teaching, teaching, teaching - and now my wife is starting to lean more towards going to the range with me and firing off her weapon. But what's caught her eye is the Taurus Judge - .45/.410 - she's always talking about a shotgun but when she saw the Judge, I saw the sparkle in her eye, if you will.

    Also CoRoMo - if you haven't found a weapon yet, show her the Sub-Compact Beretta PX4 storm in the 9 - that's a bad A$$ item there. I'm going to get the 40 and 45 versions soon, but maybe that's an option.
  10. I live with a great gal, But when I needed to buy a beretta 92FS(my carry arm was the M9)for practice when I was working for DOD Police as a member of the Base closure force from 1995-2000 in San Francisco Bay Area. She was not hot on the idea, at first: I took here to the range to keep me company while I did my shooting. She had watched for a time, then She asked if she might try it! Now, mind you she did not like guns and only allowed it in the house because of my training needs. Well, I showed her how to handle the pistol. How to load,unload and other stuff. She has small hands and the 92FS looked like a cannon in her hands. After I showed her the basics, she shot the 10 round mag. She turned to me with a BIG smile on her face and said "Cool, Can I Do It Again! " She was hooked!!!!! She has since that time bought the folowing Guns: a Beretta Cougar 8000 (no longer made by Beretta) a Baby Dragoon pocket pistol (kit gun) And I gave her a Ruger Vaquero in 357. She wants a double action revolver now! We are both SASS members and we belong to a Bay Area reneactor group. I need to show her how shoot a shotgun and a lever action rifle next. She went from not liking guns to loving them! No arm twisting was needed. All women should be so willing. Good luck to the OP, Don't force her But show her how fun it is and stress the stress relief one gets by shooting at a target and pretending it is the jackalope that took the parking space you wanted! That is what my lady does, saves on meds that way.
  11. JustACowgirl

    JustACowgirl Active Member

    I'm glad this is stickied. My gun is close to the best gift I've ever received. I was given a price limit and packed off to Sportsman's Warehouse. And promptly fell in love. With a gun outside of the price limit. Oh well :)
    I think it's great that guys want to buy their gals guns. May more ladies learn to appreciate that kind of gift. Don't stop with your wives though. Get your daughters guns and teach them to love them, too!
  12. XD9GUY

    XD9GUY Well-Known Member

    Of course your should let your wife/gf choose their own gun. I too had to learn this the hard way.
    When my daughter was planning her wedding with my wife, I was complaining to a lady co-worker about the price of a wedding cake. she gave me some wise advice which I took to heart. she said I needed to apply the "3-S" position when it came to wedding planning.
    1. Sit down
    2. Shut up
    3. Shell out.
    Had I taken that advice when I bought "Her" a gun, I would have been several hundred dollars better off.
  13. CHEVELLE427

    CHEVELLE427 Well-Known Member

    Even though she was in the NAVY she had had almost no time with a gun when i meet her.

    after many thousands of 22lr from my browning nomad, HS sk100, ruger mkIII22/45. (made a dent in my 22 stash)

    she picked up a SW-CS9 nice little gun . now she is working on my 9mm stash:eek:.

    guess next ill get her into reloading.

    ps: she has shot my xdsc40 and xd45 she did good with the 40
  14. Usmc-1

    Usmc-1 Member.

    I'd say no , why risk the hurt you could put upon yourself , dishes and pots and pans are just bruises!!!
  15. droptoptrk

    droptoptrk Member

    The reoccurring theme to this thread is to "let your wife/girlfriend pick out her own gun." And although I couldn't agree more, the reasoning goes beyond mere taste. I had let my wife shoot my .40 and she was not a fan. I thought this had put her against guns all together until one day she asked out of the blue if a .22 would stop a man. Generally I think the answer is "no," however I explained that any gun that she was comfortable with, confident with, and accurate with is better than either no gun at all, or a gun that you can't shoot accurately. By approaching it this way, she is now in the shopping phase of gun ownership. Had I said "no, you need at least a 9mm" she may have never picked up another gun. So I will let her pick out what she wants and maybe someday she will be more comfortable with a larger caliber.
  16. KimberUltra

    KimberUltra Well-Known Member

    My girlfriend is being difficult. She loves shooting my 1911, but it would be too big for her to carry. I had her try my lc9 and she hates the double action trigger (alot of it due to her being weak to stabilize the gun with the heavy trigger) She's not so much interested in carrying as much as she just want's to have her own pistol to go shooting with. She loves my Kimber and I'm looking into the 9mm kimbers for her.
  17. Haywireranch

    Haywireranch Member

    My wife wanted a pistol for s.d. We went to the local gun store and she got the s&w 637 she liked the fact That it was light and she can pull back the hammer and not have to worry about heavy trigger pull, and she shoots it very well. A perfect match.
  18. George1951

    George1951 Member

    My wife asked for a Glock for Xmas 2010... so I bought her a G17... much to the deep disappointment of us both.... total piece of crap....been in the shop [ Glock - Atlanta ] longer than we owned it [new} prior to problems.... when I asked that it be repaired under warranty, they refused, and wanted MORE money from me....
  19. RugerNut9

    RugerNut9 Well-Known Member

    "My wife asked for a Glock for Xmas 2010... so I bought her a G17... much to the deep disappointment of us both.... total piece of crap....been in the shop [ Glock - Atlanta ] longer than we owned it [new} prior to problems.... when I asked that it be repaired under warranty, they refused, and wanted MORE money from me...."
    Really!? This is unheard of.... a Glock with problems?? You sure it wasnt a Sigma series :p
  20. RugerMcMarlin

    RugerMcMarlin Well-Known Member

    Wife/girlfriends gun

    Maybe its because I've had more of the wrong kind of experiances with guns and women. But I've found it to be a bad mix. You should be prepared to deal with the irony, that not only is she shooting at you with the gun You got for her, but that you taught her exactly how it works.
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