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Soaring eagle delta elite

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Stacer, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Stacer

    Stacer Well-Known Member

    Anyone ever hear of them? I was in the local gun shop today and saw a soaring eagle 10mm 1911. It is labeled a delta elite. The price was only $400. I also saw that it had an ed brown 10mm barrel, bushing and guide rod, a fairly decent trigger job, and crimson trace grips. It came with two mags that had the same emblem as the gun, and a chip mccormick. I've put $100 down to hold the gun for a month. It looks like a good deal, but is this a known manufacturer? The frame looks like it was an 80% casting and it even has a faint hartford mark on it, but the fitment to the slide is TIGHT and there is NO rattle. I am a 10mm fan, and shoot a fair amount thru my glock 20, will this be comparable?
  2. Stacer

    Stacer Well-Known Member

    Since you all want a picture, I only took one though.
  3. tommy.duncan

    tommy.duncan Well-Known Member

    I love my 10mm's (Glock, S&W, Colt), but I have no clue what that is. Good Luck
  4. BigG

    BigG Well-Known Member

    It wouldn't be a Delta Elite as that is a registered trademark of Colt. :scrutiny:
  5. C0untZer0

    C0untZer0 Well-Known Member

    10mm ACP ?

    I've heard it called 10mm Auto, I've never heard it called 10mm ACP.

    Did Cooper ever call it ACP ?
  6. tarosean

    tarosean Well-Known Member

    Hmmmmmm.. Having never heard of it.
    Googling Soaring Eagle 1911 or 10mm only points to this thread. Odd for sure.
  7. HOOfan_1

    HOOfan_1 Well-Known Member

    I found some random sites listing FFLs in Texas. Sounds like a Frankengun operation. The "rollmarks" on the gun look like some summer camper's wood burning project.

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