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SoCal members: Fowler Gun Room, Stockade? Opinions?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Monkeyleg, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Monkeyleg

    Monkeyleg Well-Known Member

    In my continuing quest to find good gun shops for my site, I came across The Stockade in Westminster and Fowler Gun Room in Orange. They're owned by the same folks.

    Before I talk to the owner, I'd appreciate any feedback on your experiences with these shops.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. Kruzr

    Kruzr Well-Known Member

    They have a great selection of guns. Best place to get reloading stuff in the area also. Downside: Ridiculously high prices. Be sure and haggle.
  3. Mauserguy

    Mauserguy Well-Known Member

    I love going to the Stockade. The log facade is cool. They have a nice selection, but the prices are kind of high. I have only bought reloading supplies there. I tried to haggle over a CZ 550 once, but they wouldn't budge. Oh well.
  4. dave3006

    dave3006 member

    Very, very, very high prices. I was told he makes alot of his money on used guns. They buy from estate sales or where some poor slobs widow wants to get rid of all the old man's guns. Then, he sells at sky high prices.

    Nice people though.
  5. secluded

    secluded Well-Known Member

    I used to manage the Turners Store in Orange quite a few years back (left CA in 1998). I would always get customers who would browse at Fowlers down the street and come in to our store and have us order the gun for cheaper. The selection was impressive but the prices were sky high, sounds like that's still the case.
  6. SoCalGeek

    SoCalGeek Well-Known Member

    I've got nothing to say that hasn't been said really. Amazing selection, ridiculous prices. Almost bought a used .22 rifle there, the guy was actually very helpful in answering my questions. And I bought cleaning supplies there once or twice.
  7. Mute

    Mute Well-Known Member

    Decent selection, nice folks, off the chart prices. You should also check out Gunsight in Fullerton. They have some nice stuff occasionally and there prices aren't too far off the wall.
  8. Black Majik

    Black Majik Well-Known Member

    Their prices are rediculously high, and since I'm of the younger crowd, I've had some that were just plain rude to me.

    The guy with the mustache and wannabe terminator 2 buzzcut gives me the creeps. He always gives me dirty looks for some reason. :rolleyes:

    I'm not really a fan of the place, but the only upside is that their selection is better than any other stores in Orange County.
  9. Justang

    Justang Well-Known Member

    I went in there and found a Yugo SKS for $500. I laughed. Then I asked if they sold Kel-Tec SU16's, he said they "don't sell those types of guns for the same reason they don't sell silhouette targets." Then he said they sell the Mini 14. I talked to him for a bit longer, and the only reason they sell that is because the owner loves Ruger. So if it's a Ruger, they'll sell it.

    I chuckled and left.
  10. Guy B. Meredith

    Guy B. Meredith Well-Known Member

    This thread has got me wondering about what THR experiences have been with the Grant Boys in Costa Mesa. When I lived in the area I was not into shooting so just visited looking for a replacement for my 20 year old Eddy Carbine western hat and camp gear.

    Another you might add to your list is Targetmasters--check current experiences with Targetmaster in Milpitas and Stockton. I bought my first handgun in the Milpitas shop in 1998 for way under the street price and the price at the all too famous Traders in San Leandro and my first few thousand rounds were PMC .357 mags at $11/box. A visit to the Stockton store gave similar/better prices.

    Management in the Milpitas store has changed, I believe, and am not sure about the Stockton store. I've only checked ammo most recently and that was before I began reloading so I am not current on their prices or customer service.

    Targetmasters also have indoor ranges.
  11. Mute

    Mute Well-Known Member

    Grant Boys has an decent size selection of firearms and have always been corteous and helpful everytime I've been there. Prices, again, are on the high side. No suprise considering how close they are to Newport Beach.
  12. Black Majik

    Black Majik Well-Known Member

    I find the people at Grant Boys to be quite nice and sincere compared to other gunshops here in OC. Their prices are still high though.

    And I do admit, they do have some "somewhat" knowledgeable staff there too. :)
  13. Justang

    Justang Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'll add to the good experiences with Grants. They are super nice, their people know their stuff, and there prices are competitive with Turners. But I'd buy from Grants before Turners because the people at Turners talk down to younger people. I'm 25, and a lot of places are real jerks to ya when you walk into a gun store. I figure I'm young, so they'd see me as a potential long term customer, and treat me better. But I guess that logic is beyond them.

    For comparison, a Kimber Custom II is $716. Glocks are about $515.
  14. BerettaNut92

    BerettaNut92 Well-Known Member

    Fowler: What everyone else said. Good selection, bad prices.

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