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Soft Case For AR

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Sulaco, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Sulaco

    Sulaco Well-Known Member

    I want a soft case like what Blackhawk makes for my (soon to be) new AR. It is a 20" rifle. I would also like to find something similar for my 18" 870 shotgun.

    I really like the Blackhawk stuff, but if I am going to spend 60 or more dollars on a case, it will be aluminum, which I already have.

    Does anyone make an affordable tactical style case for rifles and shotguns?
  2. Zak Smith

    Zak Smith Moderator Staff Member

    I suggest the "Assault Rifle Cases" from ShootingSystems.

    They are built out of tough material and have more padding than the Eagle SR44-type cases.

  3. Andrew

    Andrew Active Member

    I would go with Eagle.
    Now i must say i'am a little one side on this, Eagle makes all there stuff here in my home state (Missorui) but the times i have order from they have been fast and all items where 100%
    The one time from Blackhawk was the last. after three months they still had not sent my order, i call them and they gave my the run about.

    Here is the link to Eagle's site http://www.eagleindustries.com
  4. j.wise

    j.wise Well-Known Member

    Hey Zak, aren't those the same as the "Assault Systems" case? The one with the little Tommygun logo? Those cost upwards of $80, so I doubt that's in the price range of the original poster.

    However, before I read the "$60 is too expensive" part, I was going to suggest the Assault Systems case. I wouldn't buy a soft case that didn't have a pad to protect the rifle from the zipper. I've got a ding on the muzzle of my VEPR K from the zipper of an inferior case, that really burns me up. Refinishing a rifle costs a lot more than a good case, IMO.
  5. Sulaco

    Sulaco Well-Known Member

    I didn't think about the zipper protection thing. Does anyone know if the Allen brand "tactical" bags have this type of protection?

    I am also looking at Bagmaster. I have on of their rang bags and love it. Plus it has a lifetime warranty.

    I already have some nice cases for my guns, I just want something more compact.

  6. Redlg155

    Redlg155 Well-Known Member

    Try checking your nearest gun show for cases. All of the ones down here in NW FL usually have a couple of vendors selling tactical type cases for pretty good deals.

    I have two black tactical ones complete with mag pockets, heavy duty zippers and a carrying strap as well as handles. They were made my Liberty Mfg Co out of St Louis MO. I tried looking for a website, but they don't seem to have one out. I paid $35 for a long one that fits a FAL length rifle or 24" AR and $30 for a shorty that fits my AK perfectly.

    So don't forget checking the area shows for good cases.

    Good Shooting
  7. Jack19

    Jack19 Well-Known Member

    Check Bushmaster's site. I've bought a couple of their "Discreet Carrying Case for Carbines" and have found them VERY well made. I don't know who makes them but I like the 360 padding and the internal mag pouches.

    I have an Uzi in one and an AR in another....and carry one every day.
  8. Zak Smith

    Zak Smith Moderator Staff Member


    Yes, AssaultSystems renamed themselves ShootingSystems a while back. These cases are IMO better than the comparably proced Eagle cases. Thicker padding, stiffer case.

  9. Harry Tuttle

    Harry Tuttle Well-Known Member

  10. mparris71

    mparris71 Well-Known Member

    I bought the Allen a few weeks ago, real good deal for the money think I paid 24 bucks. The Allen dosen't have a "pad" for say but dose have a layer of material sewn in coverng the zipper. Ran my had in it partially zipped could not feel any metal from the zipper. Another plus it's Made in the USA
  11. WalkerTexasRanger

    WalkerTexasRanger Well-Known Member

    Check out the Boyt Harness bag. Their products are all top o the line...
  12. straightShot

    straightShot Well-Known Member

    I carry a full line of Bagmaster cases and bags.


    In Heavy Weapons Cases, I have 30, 36, 42, 48, and 62" cases (the rectangular ones), and in Tactical Weapons Cases, I carry 22, 30, 35, 38, 42, and 46" cases in the Deluxe series. These are all inside the case measurements.

    I also carry rifle and shotgun cases, and my case prices are competitive.

    Bagmaster products are all made in sunny St. Louis, MO, and offer a lifetime warranty. Please feel free to check things out. If you have any questions, please send me an email or give me a call.

    Shoot straight,

    Dave Edwards
  13. bdhawk

    bdhawk Well-Known Member

    try www.acecase.com they are decent and are only a bit over thirty dollars. padded and has places for magazines and stuff.
  14. Chipperman

    Chipperman Well-Known Member

    Galati cases are very nice, and only go for $40-45.
  15. BryanP

    BryanP Well-Known Member

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