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Some great BP gun handling

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by SixxshootinSam, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. SixxshootinSam

    SixxshootinSam Active Member

  2. Busyhands94

    Busyhands94 Well-Known Member

    Lady Blackpowder is a kind mistress when you treat her well, but if your breech is simply closed by hammering a piece of aluminum pipe shut chances are you won't be seeing out of that eye for quite some time, if ever again.

    I sure hope that kid was okay, reminds me of the first "pistol" I ever built. I've got the remains somewhere, the warped cap gun frame and the length of airgun barrel used to contain the explosion. Good thing I wasn't holding it for the test shot! :D Glad my shop vice and that length of string did the dirty work for me!

  3. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    That's why kids should be taught about gun safety in school.
    Many local school systems here won't even let the NRA Eddy Eagle program be used to warn young kids about the danger of even touching a gun if they find one laying around somewhere.
    A long time ago a state legislator tried to pass a bill requiring teaching gun safety in schools but it didn't pass.
    I would have to give credit to the places where they do teach gun safety in the schools.
    Our schools do teach about drug abuse and sex education, but not about gun safety. They keep that a secret...:rolleyes:
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2012
  4. Busyhands94

    Busyhands94 Well-Known Member

    Good point Steve, they didn't even cover that when I was in school at all. In fact you would get in trouble for even using the word "gun" in school. Kids should be learning about gun safety way before they even try and shove sex and drugs into their minds. You could die from a drug overdose, you could get something nasty from sex and die from that, but they don't cover gun safety. When I got my first thing that shot (a Daisy BB gun my mother had given to me) I went and took the hunter's safety course at the gun club, I scored 92% on my written test and got my certificate of completion and knew how to handle firearms.

    That being said, IIRC last year hit a record low as far as gun deaths involving kids, it was something like 142. Then Brady and the gang of the unconstituionalists say thousands die each year or that 12 die per day. That's quite the exaggeration. :rolleyes:

    Having gun safety taught in schools would probably bring that number from a three digit number down to a two digit number, having marksmanship taught as a part of P.E. class would probably even help even more kids discover a passion for the shooting sports and keep them off of the sex and drugs, and probably end up making real men and real women out of them.

  5. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    That's right Levi. I was involved in a small bore youth shooting program and all of the kids were required to take the NRA First Steps basic rifle course before participating.
    The youngest of kids were actually as safe or much safer than many adults are that I've observed at my shooting clubs.
    And it's amazing how maturely they treat guns when they're given the chance. They're made to be very aware of where they point the muzzle at all times and how to keep their finger off the trigger until they are on target.
    These kids become the cream of the crop when it comes to having a life long respect for firearms safety and for staying out of trouble of any type.
    The kids who never get the chance to shoot guns under supervision and to be properly trained are the ones that will be more likely to acquire bad safety habits and to engage in risky behavior with guns.
    Since we have a society with a 2A, then it makes sense to properly introduce gun safety to them at a young age before they get into trouble with them.
    The private shooting programs here don't have enough room for many kids, and some are very expensive. This is apart from the hunter safety programs since these only teach about shooting position rifle and not how to hunt. There's more of a need for pure shooting programs. Even though hunter safety programs are publicly funded, not every one wants to hunt, or has a parent who hunts or shoots.
    My state links gun safety and being able to purchase long guns without a waiting period to having a hunter safety certificate, even if a person doesn't want to hunt and simply wants to shoot. There should be an alternate route for safety certification besides going through a hunter safety course as it applies to buying long guns in my state without a waiting period.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2012
  6. Driftwood Johnson

    Driftwood Johnson Well-Known Member

    Good Lord

    I saw those kids had taped a tube to a piece of pipe. I cringed when the kid was holding it with the fuse burning. Even I would have known when I was a kid not to try to hold a barrel in place from recoil with tape! I sure hope he was not injured.
  7. Busyhands94

    Busyhands94 Well-Known Member

    I know you can do a lot with duct tape, and I know the Mythbusters did a show where they used duct tape as the breech for a cannon, but using it as a barrel band is just trashy. And hammering the end of an aluminum blowgun shut to use as a muzzleloader barrel is something you do when you are sick and tired of having vision out of both eyes.

    If they taught marksmanship in school, I'd bet you less kids would use drugs. All the pot smokers I know or have known have essentially no history of marksmanship or training of that sort. About 95% of them only know about different kinds of guns due to video games, that's sad.

    One of my friends is a marijuana addict, he used almost everyday for three years straight and is 15 years old now. It's sad because I know he's a good kid, and he wants to get clean, I am still deciding whether I should teach him how to shoot. That could make a very positive impact in his life. Who knows, he might even turn his life around if he gets into the sport. The only thing that is holding me back from teaching him is that he might still have some dope in his system. Any ideas?


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