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Some pics of recent work.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by OnTarget1911, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. OnTarget1911

    OnTarget1911 Active Member

    Just thought you might like to see a couple of my favorites.
  2. Dr_2_B

    Dr_2_B Well-Known Member

    very nice
  3. robinkevin

    robinkevin Well-Known Member

    I love that high power... I use to think I liked 1911's more than other autos but hi powers are just as nice!
  4. Moose458

    Moose458 Well-Known Member

    Real nice work. Great looking pistols.
  5. Not sue those markings on the Hi Power frame "dust cover" add to the beauty of the gun.
  6. acmax95

    acmax95 Well-Known Member

    Beautiful guns, that may be one of my all time favorite Hi-Powers.
  7. 22lr

    22lr Well-Known Member

    Digging that hi-power, very tasteful and classy.
  8. freightshaker

    freightshaker New Member

    Very nice
  9. Kidslash

    Kidslash Active Member

    That hi-power is something special. One of a kind!
  10. OnTarget1911

    OnTarget1911 Active Member

    Thanks all

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