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Someone Want To Explain How A Weapons Ban Works?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Treo, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. Treo

    Treo member

    My question is about the possible renewal of the Assault Wespons Ban but, I'd rather this thread didn't end up in Rifle Country.

    So let's say that hypothetically all weapons chambered in .45 ACP are banned. That means no 1911s no M-3 Greaseguns, no Thompsons. Nothing that shoots .45 ACP, they're all banned.

    Does this now mean that the government can come & take my 1911 that I bought legally before all .45 ACPs were banned?

    Does that mean that when they come to get it I'm just out the 400.00$ I paid for it ? Can they legally do that?
  2. 209

    209 New Member

    Is it a ban with no "grandfather" clause or a “no sale of any 45s” ban from the time the ban is passed?

    The former would mean you have to turn them in. Any restitution would be worked into the ban if they thought there should be any.

    The other would mean you keep what you currently have; you just couldn't sell it or buy another. I’d assume that what happens to the 45 when you pass on would be included in the language. It may allow you to pass it on to a family member; it may not.

    The legal aspects to either one would have to be answered by a lawyer.
  3. wideym

    wideym Member

    Any outright ban without a grandfather clause would mean you would have to turn said weapon in to a collection point. Personally I would not turn in any gun, but I would not be taking it to the local range where a local LEO could see it.
  4. PTK

    PTK New Member

    They don't. However, it would greatly depend on what the ban said in full text. It could be anything from "can't buy any more" to "can't buy/use" to "turn in for $100" to "turn it in"
  5. Mp7

    Mp7 New Member

    ...i think in the Uk

    The ban on gun possession meant, that every registered gun
    had to be turned in.

    I live in a country with rather complicated and restrictive weapon laws.

    You have to pass a rather expensive hunting-class to qualify
    for the possession of longguns - and get the right to own
    so called "Fangschuss-waffen" - meaning 2 Pistols to follow the
    wounded deer and kill it.

    As a non-hunter you have to basically join a club of coomplete nerds,
    ...unfortunately german clubs of any kind are always a pool of
    people with no friends and ... well "The average Fritz".

    Believe it or not - even though i´m a weapons nut and would
    defintely love to collect useless rifles and other guns,
    i´m quite happy that not ALL my fellow countrymen
    do own guns.

    AND if u ask me it would be a good idea to take it away
    from the nerds, too.

    ... i guess almost none of you have a feeling for how it´s to
    live in a society, where Shootings only occur in family tragedies
    and heavy gangster-crime.

    in the countryside guns make practical sense,
    in the big city they just create problems and an
    atmosphere of fear.

    just a rant :)
    trying to give u the idea that giving up some "Play"
    for some "Peace" might not be a bad idea.

    cheers from germany,
  6. rantingredneck

    rantingredneck New Member

  7. CBS220

    CBS220 New Member

    No random acts of violence? No muggings? No sociopaths on the rampage?

    Methinks you should let up on the koolaid, or perhaps try a different newspaper...
  8. evan price

    evan price Active Member

    A "Ban" could mean:

    You can't buy or make any more after a certain date (Oh, but be sure the military, the LEOs and the FedGov will allow themselves to still acquire them).

    It could also mean that:
    The item is no longer legal to sell or transfer. That means when you die it gets collected by the local PD.

    It could also mean that:
    Nobody is allowed to own them anymore.
    They may offer to pay for them. They may just declare that after such-and-such date they are contraband. Usually the law will spell out the criminal charge to be filed for being caught with the item. Probably, for a gun, it will be a lengthly stay in Club Fed.

    Fight bans at all cost.
  9. shc1

    shc1 New Member

    Weapons ban = feel good politics.
    A lot like saying If the storm gets bad go to the Super Dome, everything will be fine .:scrutiny:
  10. Babarsac

    Babarsac New Member

    Banning guns will probably be just as effective as banning drugs. And we all know how well that worked out. :rolleyes:
  11. Andy W

    Andy W New Member

    In the event of a ban, unregistered guns will highly desirable. That's one reason I like face to face trades, no paperwork.
  12. p2000sk

    p2000sk New Member

    A weapons ban is an inanimate object, it does not work.
    A weapons ban is a tool, for use by a tyrannical government.
  13. Eric F

    Eric F New Member

    good thing mine is a 38 super

    Its all on wording every assault weapon and high cap mag I ever bought was during the assault weapons ban. Worked like a charm!
  14. Treo

    Treo member

    QUOTE: " Personally I would not turn in any gun, but I would not be taking it to the local range where a local LEO could see it."

    QUOTE: " In the event of a ban, unregistered guns will highly desirable. "

    The only weapon I have that is listed in the AWB they are trying to do now is a Mini-14 , that I bought private sale.

    So does the above mean that (Assuming a ban) wether I turn it in or not, I've lost it because I can now never take it out of the safe?
  15. GeezerwithGuns

    GeezerwithGuns New Member

    How does a weapons ban work?

    Well, it provides a false sense of security for the people who fear firearms. It gives the antis one more card in their hands toward their goal of a "gun free" society. It also greatly benefits the criminals who no longer have to fear return fire.

    In short, it works just about as well as banning stupidity.:p
  16. buck00

    buck00 New Member

    There are a lot of "what-ifs?" with your question. But I'll try to address one part of it.

    There is a big obsession about the government (ATF, local police, national guard, UN, etc) descending on every town in America one morning at 6 am and seizing all our guns. Is this picture scary? Absolutely, which is why many people whisper and fret about it.

    However, is this scenario likely? Absolutely not. The only time a President would announce he is deploying the national guard for door-to-door seizures in the entire U.S.A, is in a comic book or bad B movie. So... do we all breath a sigh of relief? Absolutely not.

    * The more likely "ban" we must dread and watch for is a resurrection of the 94 ban, or a ban on certain ammos, or a huge tax on ammo- making shooting an impossible luxury. :uhoh:
  17. CountGlockula

    CountGlockula New Member

    No, your 1911 (once the ban has been passed) will be labeled as a pre-ban handgun and you won't be able to sell it to anyone else. So you don't have to turn it in to the man.

    That's through my experience here in CA.

    For now, buy as much as you can as if there's no tomorrow.
  18. fearless leader

    fearless leader New Member

    Gun Bans are UNNECESSARY

    Just ban crime. Perhaps they should ban Murder. Oh...wait.. they did!:neener:

    Tell me ONE law, just one, that would have stopped (enter the senseless shooting of your choice). I don't know any that would keep them from happening altogether, but I know one that could have minimized the death toll:
    Allow CCW of qualified students.

    Here, allow me to demonstrate.

    Picture yourself in a college classroom. Now picture someone opening the door and shooting indiscriminately into the room.

    Would you:

    A) prefer not to have a gun?

    B) have a gun?

    C) ask him why he's violating the murdering students on campus rule?

    D) reason with him?
  19. blkbrd666

    blkbrd666 New Member

    A ban that might work...

    This is a Hitlary quote..."We have to do more to stand up to those who refuse to believe the reality that guns do kill and that common-sense gun measures can make a difference."

    So, what if we just ban all the guns that kill without human intervention...you know, like the ones that wait until after you turn out the light, then they quietly get up off the nightstand, tippy-toe across your pillow, then shoot you in the head just as you are about to go to sleep.

    If we banned "those" guns, it could make a difference. I personally despise a gun with a mind of its own...they're just too dang unpredictable.
  20. natjan

    natjan New Member

    Errm, you're aware who implemented the private citizen gun ban in Germany?
    A clue, he was born in Austria & held the rank of corporal.
    Well who decides who is a nerd?

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