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Sometimes Grandma's are just funny like that....

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by mole, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. mole

    mole Well-Known Member

    Sometimes grandmothers do something that is totally unexpected. Take my maternal grandmother for instance. She's a sweet little old lady...who happens to like some Kid Rock and Ozzy. Not what most little old ladies would chose for their listening pleasure, but definately some coolness points for granny. How does this relate to guns? It doesn't. It just shows that oddities (or what we perceive as oddities) might be more common than we think. Sterotypes can be very misleading. For gun related, we move over to my paternal grandmother.

    My paternal grandmother decided to show me her guns yesterday. We got on the subject because my grandfather had asked me to pick up some ammo for her .25 on the way over. I found out a few years ago that she had a .25, but hadn't carried it for years. Knowing her I wasn't expecting much. She pulled out a Raven .25. Yeah, that's about what I expected. She then told me that she would show me her .32, but it was locked up elsewhere. No biggie. It just means I won't have to smile and talk sweetly as much about her junk. Next we move on to her "pistol." She pulls out a case and I'm laughing on the inside that she even bought a case for her junk gun. Out comes doodoo-----wait a minute, that's not crap! That's a 1911! A Kimber Custom Compact 1911. There it sits looking like it's never been fired.

    I busy myself admiring her .45 when she starts talking about her "9 mm". I'm thinking to myself, "Yeah, yeah, yeah more junk grandma, but this one's actually nice." Out comes her "9." A TEC-9 to be more precise. What the heck is grandma doing with a TEC-9?!?!? That's not sweet little old lady-like at all. Grandma probably laughed her head off all night long after I left.

    Stinkin sterotype just made me look like a fool.
  2. Outlaw Man

    Outlaw Man Well-Known Member

    Now you know why they say not to tick off the old folks. ;)

    Sounds like you've got a new range buddy.
  3. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew Well-Known Member

  4. Eleven Mike

    Eleven Mike Well-Known Member

    Coolness points, eh? Poor taste points, more like. :neener:
  5. Davo

    Davo Well-Known Member

    I wish MY gramma had a TEC-9...sigh
  6. redneckrepairs

    redneckrepairs Well-Known Member

    LOL We have grandkids , but they are not that old yet , My bride likes kid rock ( which i dont mind some of his stuff) as well as some of the newer music which i would rather listen to cats mateing thro a tin fence . As things stand now she will be able to show the grandkinds a browning hp , detonics .45 , tricked out sks, ar-15 , kimber barreled 10-22 , and a browning citori , as well as her " pickup pistol " which is a SS ruger single six that she potts vermin around the place with when she does not have anything more handy. Point is never discount gramma , or grandpa for that matter lol .

    Edited to add: Hopefully i wont kick the bucket too soon , but if i do her indications are she will add a bunch of pistols , and some battle rifles to " her " inventory lol . Some of my guns are to be given away to firends on my death , some are earmarked for the kids and grandkids , leaves the balance for her to keep or sell as she chooses .
  7. Robo_Railer

    Robo_Railer Well-Known Member

    What a riot! Bad guys, don't be fooled by the wheelchair and white hair! :D
  8. DogBonz

    DogBonz Well-Known Member

    My grandmother

    Had a baby browning that my aunt now owns. I think she traded it for super tactical, ninja quality wooden spoon. Man she would hit me with that thing when I was a kid... and boy would it smart...
  9. Thain

    Thain Well-Known Member


    Its the little old lady from pasadena
    Go granny, go granny, go granny go
    Got a pretty little flower bed of white gardenias
    Go granny, go granny, go granny go
    But in the trunk of her rickety old car
    Is a brand new matte-black loaded AR

    And everybodys saying theres nobody meaner
    Than the little old lady from pasadena
    She shoots real straight and she conceals a Nine
    Shes a terror out on the firing line

    Its the little old lady from pasadena
  10. f4t9r

    f4t9r Well-Known Member

    Thats good. Been awhile since I heard that one !!!!!
  11. NukemJim

    NukemJim Well-Known Member

    Reminds me of my mother (who at this point in time was a grandmother is gurrently a greatgrandmother) when her arthritis got to bad for her to shoot the .38 she inherited form my dad stopped shooting for a few years. My brother was cleaning his Glock 21 at her house one night, she tried the trigger and liked it. Next time I saw her she asked if I could get her a Glock. I borrowed a G17 from a friend and let her try it. She liked it and then proced to ask me if I would get her a laser for it :eek: :what:

    I asked her how she knew about lasers for handguns (this was early 90's) She replied "Arnold's Movies"

    So I got her a G17C with a LaseMax Laser. 5 out of her first 6 shots were in the Cardiac Silhouette :D

    Do you remember the song from WWII "Pistol Packin' Momma"? It needs to be updated to "Grannys got a Glock":neener:

  12. Ramius

    Ramius Well-Known Member

    memories of granny...

    When my grandfather was killed on his farm tractor in 1976, my grandmother was left alone on a 180 acre farm that had already had more than a fair share of problems with thievery- our work shed was broken into and all the tools stolen while we were at the funeral. She asked my dad to get her a pistol so she'd sleep better, and dad got her a H & R 10-shot .22 revolver.

    In short order, granny figured out she could rid the garden of those nasty crows by shooting them with her trusty .22.

    This is a 70 year old woman with arthritis nailing birds from the house with a snubbie .22!

    Word got out, and we never had much problems with things getting stolen again.

    Granny is long gone, but that cheap pistol and grandpa's Remington Nylon 66 are my two most prized firearms.

    Ah, good times.
  13. Zen21Tao

    Zen21Tao Well-Known Member

    We have a funny story about my Grandmother that took place about 35 (or so) years ago when grandmother was in her 50s.

    It was a Thanksgiving evening while all the men of the house were away somewhere. My grandmother was preparing thanksgiving dinner with her sisters, my mother and my aunt. The women in the house noticed a poorly dressed black man looking in her window (I only mention his race because this was in a predominantly white suburb where he was out of place to the people that lived there at the time).

    My grandmother ran to a closet and grabbed a broom then stormed out of the house chasing the man down the street swatting the broom at him. After he managed to outrun her and her broom, she came back in the house. As soon as she entered the front door one of the women in the house (I think it was one of her sisters) said “what were you thinking? What if he had a knife?” My grandmother smiled and said “then I would have shot him” as she pulled a small caliber semi-automatic handgun out of he cooking apron and held it up for everyone to see.
  14. TheDisturbed1

    TheDisturbed1 Well-Known Member

    Definately dont mess with the grandparents!

    My grampa has an Uzi 9mm, S&W 59 9mm, 2 Colt MKIV's, 2 Colt AR-15's, 5 Ruger Mini-14's, Beretta semi-auto 10 gauge, M1 garand bolt action, and god knows what else... I've heard he has a Walther P38 stashed away along with a stainless MKIV or 1911....

    He stocked up when Carter got elected :neener:

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