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South Carolina Info and questions

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Lupinus, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Lupinus

    Lupinus Well-Known Member

    South Carolina as some of you may remember has come up in a few threads of mine with some basic not very specific questions. But now a move to SC is pretty much a 100% definite in the coming months and wanted to ask some more specific questions, I will be moving to the Anderson area, not sure of exact town but in the general area of Anderson is where I will be, so on with the questions-

    Self defense- I have read on packing.org about the self defense law and get the impression that within your home you have no duty to retreat, am I correct in this? Also god forbid that does happen can you generally expect prosecution and hefty legal bills or is SC fairly friendly to victims of a break in who needs to defend himself? Also SD in public or of others?

    Buying, transporting, etc- I understand there are no permits but are there any restrictions aside from the 18/21 federal laws? Amount of time between purchases or anything? Also transporting, without a CCW which I won't be able to even apply for until October what are the laws for transporting firearms in your car? Also if you stay on your property what does the law have to say about the open or concealed carry of a firearm? Also I am 20, what does the law have to say about me transporting a handgun to and from the range without someone over 21, or my receiving a handgun as a gift?

    CCW- How hard is it to get and how long should I expect the paperwork to be processed and get my CCW since I plan to get one ASAP after turning 21. Most of the other stuff for CCW I have found pretty clear on packing.org.

    Ranges- Like I said I will be going to the Anderson area. What kind of ranges (public or privately owned) are around? Gun clubs? I travel about a half hour each way to go to and from my current range and that is comfortable enough for me. But then like I said I'm not 100% sure of the exact town so basically anything in the general area I'd be interested in knowing.

    Hunting- What kind of hunting rules and regs are there? Not looking for every bit of information and wouldn't expect someone to quote it all for me but are there good bag limits and what kind of rules and regs are there for small game hunting, things like squirrel rabbit and assorted other small game? And what (if any outside of the obviouse like residential) areas are off limits to hunting?

    Also are there any forums on the web for the state like Florida shooters network is up for Florida?

    Sure there are a few others that have slipped my mind, but those were the bigger ones off the top of my head.
  2. mole

    mole Well-Known Member

    I live across the border in GA, but go to Anderson often enough. Going tomorrow in fact to take my grandfather to the doctor. There are two or three other people on the forum that live in/around anderson. Krazy Kramer and Sportcat are two I think.... The Elbert County Gun Club, where I'm a member, is about ~45-60 minutes away from Anderson. We should try to get people from both Anderson, SC and Athens, GA to try to met there someday since it's ~45-60 minute drive from either town and sort of in between the two.

    My great aunt had someone try to break into her house in the middle of the night. She shot through her back door, but didn't hit anyone. She didn't have a permit and the gun was her deceased husband's. The law folks didn't give her any problems, but I don't know anything about the laws except a GA permit is not honored in SC and a SC permit is not honored in GA.
  3. Kramer Krazy

    Kramer Krazy Well-Known Member

    You'll be more than welcome here. This is a great area with a good climate and some really nice, friendly people.

    In our CWP training a year ago, we were told that unless we felt that our life was in danger, you should step aside and let the guy run out of your house with your DVD player......needless to say, in your statement, he raised the DVD player and tried to hit you with it, therefore you had to protect yourself. ;) I'm not exactly sure what the laws are about being in your own home, but I want to keep it that way. I don't want the laws clouding my thoughts in a life-or-death situation. I'll bet money that I'll still be alive, the intruder in my home won't be, and I'll swear to my grave that I was being attacked......even if it was with a cushion off of the couch. :uhoh:

    Must be 18+ to purchase a rifle or shotgun. Must be 21+ to buy a handgun. If memory serves me correctly, 18+ on rifle/shotgun ammo and 21+ for handgun ammo (not too sure about store enforcing this, especially in smaller, out-of-the-way places). With the death of the AWB, there is no waiting period between firearms purchases, and there has never been a waiting period to get a firearm. Pretty much just need a valid drives license and they call-in for OK from SLED. Most paperwork and check time is 5-10 minutes. Without a CCW, you should have your firearm in the glovebox, center console, case of some sort. You need to have a CWP to have it under a newspaper in the front seat with you. I don't believe that there is any restrictions on whether the gun and ammo should be separate. If there is, it generally isn't enforced unless you are a jerk to the cops. When carrying on a motorcycle without a CWP.......I forget, but there was a new clearification on this a little over a year ago, before that, no one knew as it wasn't actually stated. You can open carry all day long on your own property, but I wouldn't do it in a subdivision in the middle of town. A lot of cops don't seem to know the laws, themselves, and they'll probably just harass you.....depending on how nice you are to them (ie - don't come off as some punk kid......local cops don't like punk kids).

    I'm not too sure how long you have to be a resident, but it is fairly easy. The "training" is 8 hours long with the first half+ being classwork and the end being a shooting qualification. The written test and shooting test are fairly easy. I paid $75 for the class, which included everything that you need to send into SLED. You send another $50 with your packet to SLED and they make you wait a full 90 days, usually.

    This one hurts.......I live in Easley, about 20 miles from Anderson. There is a *FREE* outdoor range 5-10 minutes from my house. They have an archery area, skeet/trap area for shotguns, 100 yrd rifle range, and a 25 yard pistol range. They also have a 300 yrd rifle range, but it hasn't been used in years. That range is open on Tues-Sat, usually 9-5 or 10-6, depending on the time of the year. No rapid fire on the rifle range. For indoor ranges, I drive an hour, one-way, to Hendersonville, NC to Rex's Indoor Range. Nice 25 yard range that is open 9-8 Tues-Sat with an IDPA competition from 6-8 on Tuesdays. There is also a small, two-lane indoor range at Dewey's Pawn shop in Greenville. Don't know of any others in the area worth driving to. The largest gun club I know of is the Greenville Gun Club. They are a little expensive for my tastes, and you have to have two "sponsors" to get into the place....last I heard.

    I dunno....don't need a permit/license to kill paper. Just about any Walmart will have this info in their sporting goods section, and you can contact the DNR for a booklet (Department of natural Resources).

    Not that I know of.

    Well, I think this answers most of your questions.....at least to the best of my limited knowledge on the subjects. Feel free to contact me for any other assistance, as I'll try to at least steer you in the right direction.
  4. ScottsGT

    ScottsGT Well-Known Member

    Welcome to South Carolina!! :D
  5. JakeMate

    JakeMate Member

    I'd like to verify that we can open carry on our own property in SC. Please confirm. The reason I'm so interested is that I live in a new subdivision and my house is watched all day long by construction workers on my street. Most of the workers are great guys, but occasionaly they seem to have some 'temp' guys doing grunt work who are a bit unsavory. Also, while some of my neighbors have been moving in, the local hired help for the moving companies aren't exactly the type of people I'd like to have over for tea.

    Sometimes I think open carry while I'm out washing my car would send a message to look elsewhere.
  6. BigRobT

    BigRobT Well-Known Member

    Or it may tell them "come around when I'm not here" or, "This house has guns, come around when nobody's home". Just food for thought. Few people in my neighborhood even know I own guns. The fewer, the better, IMHO.
  7. JakeMate

    JakeMate Member

    Probably right.
  8. ScottsGT

    ScottsGT Well-Known Member

    But yes, you can open carry on your property. Unless you bought a house in a nazi controlled HOA neighborhood that does not allow it. Not too many of them around here like that though. At least in Columbia. I've got an area within 5 miles of me that requires you to leave your front porch light on at dark, all night, cannot park the car on the street, no more than 2 cars in the driveway, etc.. I'm going to look into their cov. and see if they have a firearms restriction.
  9. Sportcat

    Sportcat Well-Known Member


    Welcome to the neighborhood. I hate to admit it, butI don't hunt I have no idea about ranges around here. I usually stop in Whitmire and Columbia when visiting family.

    We have a good mix of gun shops here, but you will want to shop for prices.
  10. scbair

    scbair Well-Known Member

    Unless someone changed the law in SC while I was lookin' the other way, you can cat=rry anything you can legally own, open or concealed, while on your own property! A SC CWP covers "handguns ONLY" (and, if memory serves, even specifies a maximum length to be considered a concealable handgun).

    The CWP does NOT cover any type of "dirk, dagger, blackjack," any Class 3 weapon, or any AOW, etc. However, on my own property, I can slip a switchblade in one hip pocket, a blackjack in the other, a Bowie down the back of my neck, an UZI (if legally owned) under my trench coat, and strap a pair of SAA .45s in Buscadero holsters outside the coat, using a "brass knuckle belt buckle." No CWP needed!

    I'd be downright uncomfortable, and not too popular, but I'd not be violating any laws!

    Can someone please correct me if I'm wrong??
  11. Kramer Krazy

    Kramer Krazy Well-Known Member

    They allow you a maximum of 12", measured in any way shape or fashion.....such as from the tip of the barrel to the furthest point on the butt of the grip. I think that would make a S&W .500 with the 8 3/8" barrel illegal to carry....as my wife once asked about. :what:
  12. scbair

    scbair Well-Known Member

    Kramer Krazy, I still believe you could legally carry the 500 S&W on your own property.

    Maybe a good ankle holster??? :what:
  13. Kramer Krazy

    Kramer Krazy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you can carry anything you want on your own property, but can't exceed the 12" if you step off of it........My ankles are big, but they aren't THAT big. :what:
  14. No4Mk1*

    No4Mk1* Well-Known Member

    The Belton, SC gun club is cheaper and closer to anderson than the Greenville gun club.
    The closest public range is either Easley or the Forest service range just north of Walhalla in Oconee county. The gun store in Walhalla can give you a map to the range.
  15. bermbuster

    bermbuster Active Member

    No duty to retreat in your home or your yard. Don't know about the friendly part. The guy who taught my CCW class said to say nothing to the police. Call your attorney and let him/her do the talking.

    You can transport in your car if you are going to or from a shooting event. Otherwise, keep it in the trunk.

    My CWP arrived in less than 90 days after I mailed the materials to the State. There are a few gun clubs in the area. I will PM you.

    Check your PMs

    I am not a hunter. Can't help you here.

    Check out http://www.shooterslobby.com

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