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Speaking of guns in movies...

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by BigBoreJay, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. BigBoreJay

    BigBoreJay Active Member

    ...here is a cool site that lists, in surprising detail, just about every gun used in just about every movie out there!


    Just enter a movie title in the search box in the upper right corner!
  2. wannabeagunsmith

    wannabeagunsmith Well-Known Member

    whenever I watch a movie I go to that site :)
  3. herrwalther

    herrwalther Well-Known Member

    My brother and I are contributors to that site. It takes a surprising amount of research for some firearms in TV and movies. As well as getting the best view for the website with editing and everything.
  4. BigBoreJay

    BigBoreJay Active Member

    herrwalther - I appreciate the effort and dedication it must take to do this - I appreciate the work! Thanks!
  5. Cee Zee

    Cee Zee member

    Wow that must have taken some serious effort to put together. I appreciate the work done too.
  6. Torian

    Torian Well-Known Member

    Very cool. I've always wondered what revolver that was used in the opening scene for bad boys 2. I finally found out.

    SW PC 629 (big brother to my 627)

  7. MattShlock

    MattShlock Well-Known Member

    I never saw the movie as far as I know, but seeing this cover in a video store (yes kids, they used to have shops that rented movies on video tapes!) inspired me to add custom adjustable chokes to a coupla shotguns including the tweaked go-to Mossberg you see here as well (only mine's 18-1/4" plus plus whatever little the collet adds) a quarter-century after the movie was made!

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    Last edited: Sep 8, 2013
  8. il.bill

    il.bill Well-Known Member

    Thanks for nothing!

    I just spent over an hour cruising that site and ended up putting it on my browser's Favorites Bar. Now every time I go online I will have that darn link tempting me from the upper left hand corner.

    The Search Function also works for individual weapons. Who new a Beretta 950B .25ACP pistol was in so many James Bond movies?
  9. herrwalther

    herrwalther Well-Known Member

    Brother and I do most of our work to the "Burn Notice" page of that site. The show's creators have known about imfdb since about Season 1 and I swear they are trying to make the BN page the longest on the site for firearms. Huge success if you ask me since it had to be broken down by season to fit all the firearms.

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