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Speed strips...They're worth a try.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Bob79, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Bob79

    Bob79 Well-Known Member

    I didn't even know what speed strips were until I read about them here. When I first saw pics of them posted w/ guns I thought they wouldn't be of much use.

    Well I just ordered some stuff from Midway USA and I saw they were on sale for like $5 for a pair, so I got some. Well I tried them out and I'm impressed, so I'm even ordering more. They are more compact and fit into pockets a lot better than a speed loader, and they do load pretty quick.

    I now carry one regularly with my S&W 442. I only load 5 rounds, and I put it in my cargo shorts leg pocket, or in my small watch/5th pocket. I still always keep one speedloader in the truck, but these are a nice for being able to just put them in your pocket.

    For anyone who has even thought about trying them, I say go for it!
  2. ACP230

    ACP230 Well-Known Member

    They should call them "Slow Strips" when I use them.

    But they are a lot better than loose ammo, and carry more easily than speedloaders.
  3. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    I've never understood why Bianchi doesn't make them in more calibers.
  4. symr00

    symr00 Well-Known Member

    I load 4 to a strip for faster reloads. That 5th round is what slows you down. I just purchased a Safariland Comp 1 speedloader and it takes me longer to load that than with the speed strips.
  5. Texfire

    Texfire Well-Known Member

    I think they'll always be slower than a speedloader, but easier to carry, and it's easier to load rounds your actually carrying with you than the ones you left at home. I've been looking for some, just need to find something else to buy also to make it worth the shipping.

  6. TimboKhan

    TimboKhan Moderator

    Shamefully, I have never practiced reloading with my speed-strip (at speed, at least), so I cannot comment on its effectiveness. However, speed strips are darned handy. I personally cannot see how a speedloader would be slower, although Symr apparently can, but in any event, speed strips are pretty good gear.
  7. Bob79

    Bob79 Well-Known Member

    I agree, Speedloaders are still faster. But the speedstrips are much faster than handloading one at a time, keep the rounds all together, and are easy to carry.

    I recently did try the Safariland Comp I, and did not like it. You really have to smash the rounds forward into the cylinder to get them to release. I practiced back and forth with my HKS and the Safariland, and found the Safariland to be no faster. So I sent back the Safariland, and ended up getting more HKS, they're on sale at Midway right now until Aug 31st for $6 each. Besides HKS is the only one who makes a 7-shot for my 686+, and I guess its best to use only one kind of speedloader so I know how to use them in a high stress situtation.
  8. symr00

    symr00 Well-Known Member

    I personally cannot see how a speedloader would be slower, although Symr apparently can, but in any event, speed strips are pretty good gear.

    My problem, I think is that the grips I own get in the way when using the speedloader. I have shaved them down but the stock and Butler Creek grips seem to hinder loading my SP101:(
  9. Bianchi speedstrips/Safariland speedloaders COMP 2

    I got ragged on a lot by my security co-workers for using Bianchi speed strips for my Taurus Protector .357 snub that I used on storm recovery contract in Pensacola FL in 2004. I'm left handed and wanted a good way to carry spare rounds. I also told my revolver carrying co-workers that with a speedstrip, I could load my weapon and their .38spl revolver no matter what type or size it was. ;)

    I just ordered some new Safariland speedloaders(comp 2) and a Bianchi speedloader holder for my duty belt. I'm also going to get some .38spl A Zoom training rounds to practice reloading my Ruger GP-100 .38SPL. :D

    Speedloaders are faster but I still would carry my Bianchi speedstrips for CC use when I carry a .38spl or .357mag concealed.
    Most research about real shooting incidents shows that only about 3 rounds are fired. Reloads/reloading skills are useful but will not always be required to handle a critical incident.

    RS :cool:
  10. gezzer

    gezzer Well-Known Member

    Love them, carry very easy and load way quicker than loose ammo.

    Round speedloaders are uncomfortable it the pocket and print as much as a cylinder.
  11. gazpacho

    gazpacho Well-Known Member

    I carry 3 speedstips in my Maxpedition Fatboy. They are loaded with 6 rounds even though I carry a 5 shot revolver. I figure I can always use the extra bullet to top off.
  12. saltydog452

    saltydog452 Well-Known Member

    For what its worth, two Speed Strips fit nicely in an empty Altoids mint container.

    A couple of other 'oldie' technology items that may be of interest to revolver toters would be the Birami Hip Grip and Melvin Tyler's Grip Adapter.

    They're all good stuff to compliment the 2"-3" revolvers.

  13. tulsamal

    tulsamal Well-Known Member


    I carried them when I used to carry a S&W M640-1. But then I went to a S&W M296. No speed strips for .44 Special/Mag. Surely they could make some strips that would accept .44 Special and Magnum and .45 Colt as well. I think they could sell enough to make it worthwhile!

  14. sarge48

    sarge48 Well-Known Member

    Same here

    I carry a 638 with a barami and a tyler T and speed strips everywhere. One in each front pocket and several are placed in my truck, office and home.:D
  15. Pat Cannon

    Pat Cannon Well-Known Member

    I've carried the Speed Strip for a couple months now. So far when I practice reloading my Ruger SP101, my best time is about 10 seconds; more typical is 14 seconds. My drill has been:
    - Start with gun in a firing grip
    - Start stopwatch,
    - Unload,
    - Pull Speed Strip from pocket,
    - Reload,
    - Resume firing grip,
    - Check stopwatch.

    I'm trying to measure shot-to-shot time. How fast can people get with these, and are there any tricks to it? Everybody: what's your best time?
  16. You old SaltyDog....

    I like the method SaltyDog uses. ;)

    I'll keep it in mind when I carry my speedstrips for a .38spl or .357magnum revolver concealed.

  17. cacop

    cacop Active Member


    Are you doing one at a time or two at a time? I never timed myself but that seems a bit slow for two at a time with a practiced hand.
  18. symr00

    symr00 Well-Known Member


    Load 4 in the strip with a space between the sets of 2. The last round is what takes longest to load and loading 4 quickly in a fight is better than 5 too slow. I am right handed and keep the gun in my right hand and load with weak hand as taught by Michael DeBethancourt. It's a little different than most folks but works for me since I have always been an auto guy.

    Attached is Michael DeBethancourt's reloading technique

    Attached Files:

  19. seeker_two

    seeker_two Well-Known Member

    Try an SKS stripper clip. Holds almost twice as many, and loads quicker & easier.... :cool:
  20. Diomed

    Diomed Well-Known Member

    What revolver cartridge fits? I'm genuinely curious.

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