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speer hot cor- under rated bullet

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by uk roe hunter, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. uk roe hunter

    uk roe hunter Well-Known Member

    guys, I went to shoot some groups today and stood my target board up against a big rotten log i have used befor (there is a proper back stop behind it.) I saw a bullet hanging out of the back of the log which is over 14 inches thick. I pulled it out and had a look at it, it is a speer 6mm 105gr hot core spitzer.

    It was nearly a perfect mushroom with very little jacket separation. i got home and wieghed it..... it was just over 95 grains!!! it was just under 14mm wide accross the mushroom.


  2. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member


    You are correct. The Speer Hot Core bullets are excellent.

    I used the Speer Hot Core, 90 grain, hollow points in my Weatherby Vanguard VGX chambered .270 Win. I will not disclose the load, but at 3,600+ FPS, I was able to fire through-and-through on railroad track steel plates (the plate between the rail and the tie) at 100 yards.

    I actually developed the load for varmint hunting, and set the zero at 300 yards. What struck me odd was the accuracy. Using my Redfield 6-18 scope, I was able to maintain consistent 1.25" groups at 300 yards with the load. I never had to fire twice at any of the several dozens of varmints that feel to it. The Speer Hot Cores are accurate and offer extraordinary penetration.

    I keep a healthy supply of Speer Hot Cores on hand. As I sit here typing, I am looking at the top of my firearms vault, at the 1,600+ rounds of .30 caliber, Speer Hot Core, spire point, 150 grain projectiles. That should be enough projectiles for building up a great hunting load for my Weatherby Mark V in .300 Win. Mag. Thanks for the thread.

  3. CB900F

    CB900F Well-Known Member


    If you've got a Speer reloading manual, I'd suggest you take a look at the 6mm Remington section's write-up, the blurb that exists before the load tables. In that preface the Speer 90 gr spitzer is specifically mentioned as being designed to be a tough bullet. Amen from this pew.

  4. uk roe hunter

    uk roe hunter Well-Known Member

    90 gr 6mm

    i am thinking that I will load 90 gr for deer hunting. my rifle does not shoot well with the 105s. under 100 gr it shoots great groups. also i can use the same powder better for the 243, 7mm08 and 30-06.

    i use them in my other calibres and have never had one fail. In fact i have never recovered one. I have found bits of sierra gameking in animals but never hot cor. most of my stuff is quite close but a year or so ago i shot a buck at close to 170 yards with 150 gr hot cor from my 30-06. it was quartering away from me. It dropped like a stone, bullet exitted. fairly narrow wound channel and minimal meat damage.

    a great bullet

  5. res45

    res45 Well-Known Member

    I use the Speer 150 Gr. .311 Hot Core in my YUGO sks excellent heavy bullet load and very accurate with with iron sights as far as my eyesight goes. Expansion was equal to your results after going through 5 2' thick wet phone books.
  6. ForneyRider

    ForneyRider Well-Known Member


    My brother loaded 235gr Speer hot-cor in the .375H&H with IMR4064.

    Works great on deer.

    I read that 235gr was a factory load when 375H&H came out.

    This load is less of a shoulder buster than .338 Win Mag.

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