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Spenceville, CA range closed indefinitely

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by esheato, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. esheato

    esheato Well-Known Member

    I was notified today that the Spenceville, Ca range is closed indefinitely.

    Supposedly, signs have been put up and a faily large cable and locks to block the entrance. Gotta love DFG. :fire:

    I also heard that a cow was shot this past week. :cuss:

    I have a point of contact that people can call if they wish to share their displeasure. I'll be phoning him on Monday morning.

    Tim Caldwell - Wildlife Habitat Supervisor, Mgr of Spenceville 530-538-2236

    :cuss: :fire:


    Mods, I hope the name and phone number are acceptable. I don't have an email addy for the gentleman or I would have posted it.
  2. Keyster

    Keyster Member

    I cruised by the Spenceville range one time.
    It was a bit of a culture shock.
    I came from a black powder rendezvous just down the road.
    The rendezvous people were responsible, helpful people.
    The Spenceville users looked like a lot of wanna-be hard cases.

    It only takes a few idiots leaving shot up trash at pubic sites to make it look more like a dump than a range.

    I hate to lose any shooting facility, it is tough to keep pubic areas open when they get trashed and abused.

  3. Keyster

    Keyster Member

    Just an idea.

    Many 4X4 groups have adopt-a-trail agrements with BLM and National Forests.
    A little sweat equity helps keep the trails open.

    If a user group could be put together that would do periodic clean ups and maintaining signs and stuff like that.
    It might give you more pull with the officials.


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