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sporting clays gun

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by porsche, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. porsche

    porsche Well-Known Member

    brand new to sporting clays, and have an 870, Extrema and marlin 20 ga o/u. saw a antonio zoli TRAP gun with 32" barrels, discontinued in 1990 and pretty much like new. is this gun suitable for sporting clays?
  2. jlpskydive

    jlpskydive Well-Known Member

    Yep I would shoot with it. Depending on the day I use an 870, SX2, or the Beretta Silver Pigeon. All work just fine.
  3. PJR

    PJR Well-Known Member

    It's an out of production gun by a maker that has had a spotty reputation over the years. It's a trap gun and may be stocked to shoot high. Does it have choke tubes? Trap guns are often fixed choke and that doesn't work for sporting clays.

    IMHO, if you have an Xtrema already I'd suggest a Beretta 391 Sporting. It has the same manual of arms as a gun you already have and the feel is somewhat the same. I've owned a 391 for a couple of years now and am very impressed with them.
  4. porsche

    porsche Well-Known Member

    thanks for info. thought might be a really good value as with a wholesaler on non sporting arms. sounds like a pass.

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