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Spotting Scope shopping

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by Big_E, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Big_E

    Big_E Well-Known Member

    Well I bought a $60 Simmons scope from Walmart some time ago. Optics were meh, but pretty good for only $60. However, the eyepiece broke off after only falling about 5'' onto a tabletop.

    So, I have been looking around. Several scopes have intrigued me.

    Vortex Nomad 20-60x60mm (Good reviews and features but made in China)
    Leupold Sequoia Green ring 15-45x (Some bad reviews on Midway)
    Nikon Prostaff 16-48x65mm (Seems really good but I would like an ocular that can be rotated)

    I emailed Vortex asking where the Nomad was made and they said it was made in China. I have had some decent Chinese products (Mueller APV) but I really would prefer to buy anything other than from China. That's where the Nikon comes in and its about $50 more, which I believe are made in Japan IIRC.

    So what I prefer is:
    -Not made in China
    -Angled eyepiece
    -Rotating ocular
    -45x and up magnification (I liked 60x but I did notice a serious drop in clarity and brightness but then again $60 Simmons.)

    So far the Vortex seems to fill the role the best and the rep did say that the scopes are reinspected back in Wisconsin.
    Any other recommendations for a scope? I would like to only spend $500 max.
  2. Big_E

    Big_E Well-Known Member

    Hmm, after looking at the Vortex its Warranty seems hard to beat. Lifetime transferable and the company says they will fix it for free even if it was accidental.

    My Simmons is $10 to send it to Bushnell then after someone looks at it and gives me a quote to fix it, seems like a rip. I might think differently if it cost a lot more because I don't want to pay 1/4th the price I paid for the optic and wait.

    But if anyone still has other suggestions I'll listen.

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