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Springfield Armory M1-A Scout or SOCOM 16

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Crowman, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Crowman

    Crowman Well-Known Member

    I am interested in getting either the M1-A Scout or SOCOM without the funky rails. Anyone have one who can offer some insights? What is a good scout scope for this weapon system?
  2. LoneStarWings

    LoneStarWings Well-Known Member

    I went with a scout myself, I think the 2" in additional barrel length is worth it, ballistically. Both are fine rifles.

    I went with a Burris 2x-7x-32mm pistol scope w/ electro-dot for my scout mount. I like the setup, and with QRW rings I can take it on and off at will to use the iron sights. I average about 1.5 MOA with match ammo from a bench rest. All parts are stock springfield, after about 1000 rounds I get a failure to fire/feed/extract about once every 200 rounds for various reasons. I clean about once every 150 rounds.

  3. Voland

    Voland Well-Known Member

    What are you going to be using it for? The odds are that you really will not even need the scope if you are under 300 yards. These rifles have the best iron sights... I have a scout and absolutely love it!!!

  4. H2O MAN

    H2O MAN member


    :scrutiny: ;)

    Get the Scout.

    I had mine bedded in Walnut with all sorts of other National Match mods... it was very accurate with iron sights.
    Are you anywhere near Athens, GA?

  5. danbrew

    danbrew member

    I have the Socom II and the iron sites are fantastic. I wouldn't buy this version again - all the rails hanging off the end are heavy and stupid. I suppose I could put a RIS bipod on the end and be happy with it, but I typically just leave the bottom of the rail system off of the gun.

  6. paochow

    paochow Well-Known Member

    Go with the Scout, it uses the standard gas system, and you have cheaper options if you decide you want to change out the muzzle brake.
  7. Gunfighter123

    Gunfighter123 Well-Known Member

    They are very close to the same -- you are loseing about 75 fps with the SOCOM -- I own a Socom 1 and it has the least recoil of ANY .308 battle rifle I've ever owned.

  8. glockman19

    glockman19 Well-Known Member

    Another Scout pick here.
  9. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    Scout, the extra barrel length does pay off.
  10. P.B.Walsh

    P.B.Walsh Well-Known Member


    How does that vertical wooden stock work for you Gunfighter123?

    Nice rifles everyone.
  11. Crowman

    Crowman Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. Will go for the Scout model. Plan on using Iron Sights, and have it as a vehicle gun, either mule or truck.
  12. geevee55

    geevee55 Member

    I am new to the SOCOM 16, would the Burris 2x-7x-32mm pistol scope or any other good scope work on the 16? I need it for hunting at 100-150 yds. thanks for the input.
  13. stiletto raggio

    stiletto raggio Well-Known Member

    I have a pistol scope on my Guide Gun and had to mount it far up on the XS rail. The Standard SOCOM has a short rail and I would not think your eye relief would be correct for a pistol scope.
  14. geevee55

    geevee55 Member

    I would like to get maybe 1x-6x magnification. any suggestions?
  15. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member

    Yes. Ideally, you'd go with a rifle scope, but Burris makes some good stuff.
  16. geevee55

    geevee55 Member

    I will check their website. thank you. any other suggestions?
  17. frankd4

    frankd4 Well-Known Member

    Do your self a favor and look at the FNAR one hec of a rifle in 308.
  18. geevee55

    geevee55 Member

    Will do. Thanks. I am waiting a a really good deal on the 16 but in case it falls through I will also evaluate your suggestion.
  19. bpl

    bpl Well-Known Member

    I'd get the scout myself.
  20. crazed_ss

    crazed_ss Well-Known Member

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