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Springfield Armory XDs .45

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by fardarrigger, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. fardarrigger

    fardarrigger New Member

    I just got mine, and shot it for the first time yesterday. To say I was pleased would be an understatement. Everything I heard about the XDs was true, and it was even more comfortable to shoot than I had ever dreamed a mini .45 acp could be. I have an AMT Backup in .45 acp, and while I don't mind the recoil, between hammer-bite on my ham hands and the fact that the bones in my hand DID mind the recoil, it was not the most fun gun to shoot.

    I know, the point of a small .45 is not fun, it's so you can carry something dead-serious, comfortably. But this XDs is a game changer. It actually IS fun to shoot, and so comfortable that I was hard pressed to believe it was a .45 I was shooting. It's comfortable to grip and shoot, more accurate than I am, and (there's that word again) comfortable in an IWB holster for all day wear.

    I love the .45 acp round, usually in a 1911 platform. For summertime wear the XDs disappears under a t shirt.

    So far, all I have fired were 230 grain fully jacketed bullets. No problems at any point. Burp, yeah, that's all you got?

    If you're wondering about this gun, I warn you now; you probably won't like it. Carry it, and shoot it, you're going to LOVE it
  2. Terry G

    Terry G New Member

    I bought an XD Compact for my Son for CCW. After shooting it, I wish I had bought one before I took such a liking to my CZ P-01. The CZ is accurate, utterly reliable, and fits my hand like the proverbial glove, but an XD is .45....
  3. CraigC

    CraigC Active Member

    IMHO, the XD is excellent. A better gun than Glock, more comfortable, more refined, less plastic and with the proper grip angle.
  4. Biggerhammer

    Biggerhammer New Member

    Mine is a laser, my XDM 5.25 .45 rides shotgun with me on the ranch more often than not.

  5. stolivar

    stolivar Member

    They are talking about the new XDS not the regular XD's. :)

  6. fardarrigger

    fardarrigger New Member

    My XDs came from Sportsman's Warehouse, the day of our local store's grand reopening. it retailed for $519.00, which considering the reviews I have seen online had a retail price listed of $599.00 is even better. Add to that a gift certificate of $20.00 for being one of the first customers, and an extra 5% off because the manager knows my Mom and we were out the door for about $260.00, including 2 boxes of FMJ 230 gr ammo.

    This came about 2 weeks after being laughed at at a Wholesale Sports, when I asked about the XDs. The few they had went right out, and they had a waiting list 15 people deep wanting one. So needless to say I was not expecting to even SEE an XDs this year.

    sometimes, life is good.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2012
  7. Biggerhammer

    Biggerhammer New Member

    I missed that little (s) :neener:
  8. Valkman

    Valkman Active Member

    I've got 2 regular XD's in .45 and wouldn't mind an XDs. Sounds like a great little shooter!
  9. stolivar

    stolivar Member

    biggerhammer you are funny
  10. CTGunner

    CTGunner New Member

    The XDs is a surprisingly easy gun to shoot and very very accurate. I am hoping to shoot mine some more this weekend but so far with 300 rounds down range without any cleaning it's still running without any malfunctions whatsoever.

    It's a cool little gun - though I would use the word little cautiously. If you look at my review www.operationswift.com you will see the side-by-side photos with the Glock 19 and its overall dimensions are actually quite similar (though the XDs is much slimmer).

    If I could find another XDs I would buy a second one!
  11. M2

    M2 New Member

    I am extremely impressed with my XDS, once I held one at a local Academy I refused to take my hand off it until I purchased it!

    For a pistol of its size, it's extremely controllable and accurate.

    Gun of the year, in my opinion! :neener:

    Cheers! M2
  12. DAdams

    DAdams New Member

    XDs versus XDm 3.8

    Just some observations for those considering the XDs and before you take the plunge, may want to consider the following.

    I finally had a chance to do a dry fire and perform a side by side comparison of the XDs and the XDm 3.8.
    If I would have had an extra $500 to spend I would have bought both but since I didn't I went with the just slightly wider but much higher capacity 3.8.
    I didn't find the s any easier to conceal for fall winter carry.
    I thought the trigger had a better smoother feel on the m as well. I'm not a big fan of FO sights that are on the s but those on the m are nothing special. I would want to change both.
    Price on the m was about $100 more.
    I think I would have been a great deal more excited had the s come out a couple years ago before I bought a M&P 40c.

    Congrats on the S. I thought it might be more of a shooting handful. Glad to hear it such a pussy cat.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2012
  13. ryno31

    ryno31 New Member

    I bought my XDS right after getting my ccw
  14. ryno31

    ryno31 New Member

    oops somehow how hit enter before I was done typing! It has been awesome and I couldn't happier with it. After a few trips to the range to get a feel for it I'm shooting dead straight. Definetly a game changer.

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