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springfield M1A, wood or synthetic stock?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by ShootAndHunt, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. ShootAndHunt

    ShootAndHunt Well-Known Member

    I get interested in the Springfield M1A. I am looking at a standard model since I doesn't plan to use this in the match, just pure for shooting. One thing I cannot decide is whether I should get a Wood stock or Synthetic? I like the wood stock, but the ~ $100 price difference makes it hard to decide, is the wood stock really worth of the extra Money?

  2. General Geoff

    General Geoff Well-Known Member

    Synthetic stock is technically superior (lighter and stronger). The wood stock is more aesthetically pleasing to some.

    So it boils down to this: Do you like the way wood looks more? Do you like it $100 more? If so, get wood. If not, get synthetic.
  3. AK103K

    AK103K Well-Known Member

    You can always get a nice walnut stock from Fred's for a very reasonable price. I paid around $40 for this one.


    They are M14 stocks, and do have the selector cutouts, but there are dummy switches and lock outs available if it bothers you. He also has good deals on glass stocks as well, and they make great paint job projects.


    You may want to look at the Springfield plastic/glass stocks before you buy. Most I've seen and had were done over GI glass stocks, and they didnt really do a very good job. They ground off the molded in checkering, making the grip very narrow, and the paint started to chip off form ejected brass as soon as I started shooting the rifle.

    It may be worth getting the walnut (theirs dont have the cutout), and go with one of Freds GI glass stocks down the road if you want one.
  4. lgbloader

    lgbloader Well-Known Member

    My M1A Match and M1 Garand (Both Springfield) look and shoot absolutely great together or apart. Both are dressed in wood.

  5. Red State

    Red State Well-Known Member

    AK103 is right in that the grip area of the synthetic stocks from Springfield are narrower/slimmer than their wood stocked models.

    After holding both at a gun store, I think that based on size, the synthetic stock feels better in my hands.
  6. skidooman603

    skidooman603 Well-Known Member


    Both..I bought Boy the NM with Walnut but being a Kid who likes camo I went the other route and bought him a used Camo Syn job on Gunbroker for around $40
  7. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member

    AK103K offers good advise. Buy with a glass stock and find a used GI wood stock. I have two rifles and five different stocks, they must breed.
  8. RainDownmyBlues

    RainDownmyBlues Well-Known Member

    Wood! Especially being an M14 copy. I wish I could afford an M14A.

    Even in the army I eventually was a Squad Designated Marksmen, but I carried an M16A4 semi auto with a longer bull barrel amongst other things. But that caliber I would have preferred. I had to compensate sooo much for drop at distance using the 5.56 it was stupid. It's an accurate round within 300 meters but beyond that you really have to know what you're doing.

    As I understand it the marines carried the M14 commissioned as their SDM(by a different term?) and that round is far more effective at range. But I will say, especially for civvie use,the wood is effin SEXY and reduces recoil. I never cared for synthetic stocks, especially those in ridiculous cammo pant, etc etc.

    Personal preference, but the solid and even laminated will hinder recoil due to weight of stock. And look immensely better!!!
  9. Winston_Smith

    Winston_Smith Well-Known Member

    Buy the cheaper one then get USGI wood or plastic from Freds.
  10. skipbo32

    skipbo32 Well-Known Member

    get both. hook a bipod up to the synthetic for durabilty.
  11. TIMC

    TIMC Well-Known Member

    Wood rules!!!!

  12. longdayjake

    longdayjake Well-Known Member

    I went all wood!!!

  13. Almond27

    Almond27 Well-Known Member

    Got my Standard with Walnut. Steel and Wood the way its supposed to be.
  14. edSky

    edSky Well-Known Member

    I like the wood because of the authentic-factor.

  15. Maximo

    Maximo Member

    Some weapons look great with synth stocks, but then again, it is up to the owner and what they feel is good for them. There are good and not too good reasons to keeping wood over synth. Just depends on what and how you plan on using your weapon.
    Best thing about synth stocks, is that some are capable of the addition of an internal recoil buffer system, while you are just at the mercy of your loads on a wood stock.
  16. MeanStreaker

    MeanStreaker Well-Known Member

    I have chosen synthetic for my M1As.

    Since I'm an Instructor for Project Appleseed at least two weekends a month, pretty much the only trigger time I get is at the Appleseed events. That means it could be in any weather in any conditions: sweltering heat, monsoons, mud, etc. :D

    I don't know from first hand comparison experience, but I have read enough and heard from people I trust about how humidity and all weather conditions can affect a wood stock and your point of impact, so my M1As are in synthetic for that reason. My Natl Match all-USGI has a glass bedded wood stock for it... but due to wanting to be prepared for any condition, the rifle lives in a synthetic stock all the time.
  17. hoodfu

    hoodfu Well-Known Member

    I've got a synthetic stock M1A Scout that I picked up as an impulse buy because I wanted an M1A and that's all that was available for a while. In hindsight, I think I would have gone with a wood stock as my love of only things high-tech and modern starts to calm down a bit, and my appreciation for older weaponry grows.


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