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Springfield Model 187...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by CoastieTech, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. CoastieTech

    CoastieTech Active Member

    I have an opportunity to purchase a Springfield Model 187 that looks like it is in good condition for $100. I don't know that much about rifles and wanted to know whether the good folks at SF thought this would be a good buy. Here are some pics of the gun for sale.
  2. Red Tornado

    Red Tornado Well-Known Member

    The only one I found was on Auctionarms and it didn't look any nicer than the one you have pictured. It was listed starting at $129 with a buy now of $145, so $100 is probably pretty good.

    Apparently they are made by Savage, so I would guess it would shoot fairly well, but I do NOT have any first hand knowledge. If I was looking for another .22, I'd pay $100 for it. YMMV.

    Hopefully someone who has one will chime in.
  3. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    I remember those and they had a reputation for not feeding. I've since heard that they were hard to work on. I'd pass on it, there's a reason a hundred-dollar gun is only a hundred and that's lack of demand.

    OTOH, if you want to take a chance and like to tinker, go for it.


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