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Springfield XDs Dependable?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by fxstchewy, May 4, 2014.


Is your XDs your carry pistol?

Poll closed Jun 3, 2014.
  1. Yes, I trust it.

    60 vote(s)
  2. No, stays in the safe.

    3 vote(s)
  3. Not yet.

    4 vote(s)
  1. fxstchewy

    fxstchewy Well-Known Member

    I just picked up a XDs 45acp a few weeks back and while mine has been good so far over on the XD forum it seems most of the threads are about problems! one going on now is about the little trigger safety tab breaking and that stops the gun right then, i have been carrying mine but am really considering going back to my Glock 26.
    If you have one is it your carry sidearm?
  2. okc-zee

    okc-zee Well-Known Member

    I have owned my XDS 45 since they came out...have roughly 2K rounds thru it..flawless before and after the recall...I carry it faithfully..Check out the other XDS threads on there as well... Tons of positive reviews as well..It seems these guns are not for everybody..I've never had the slightest issue with mine as well as a lot others that own them..Any gun is prone to have a mishap every once in a while...anything can happen to the most reliable of the bunch...Doesn't mean it happens across the board...Shoot it for a while and judge yours only by your experiences with it,and don't worry about what others say or feel..you'll know...
  3. 460Shooter

    460Shooter Well-Known Member

    Mine has been totally reliable. I've put around 800 rounds through it.
  4. handloader357

    handloader357 Well-Known Member

    FWIW, My XDs is a jamomatic and Springfield CS is giving me the run around. Cant stand Springfield as a company or the XDs and will not do business with them in the future.

    If I elaborate any more than that I'm sure it would be considered a rant and all the fanboys will attempt to crucify me. If you want more details I'll post my entire situation upon request or you can PM me.

    I've never hated any gun before my experience with the XDs, including other XDx pistols.
  5. 357 Terms

    357 Terms Well-Known Member

    Our rental gun has been flawless, 2-3 thousand rounds so far.

    good gun in my opinion.
  6. fedlaw

    fedlaw Well-Known Member

    2,000+ rds. 100% reliable. Accurate enough: consistent 4-5" groups @ 15yds.
  7. ritepath

    ritepath Well-Known Member

    I know 3 co-workers with them all had the recall fix...none have had any issues before or after the fix.

    I do however.com notice lots of XDs on my BST facebook groups.
  8. Welding Rod

    Welding Rod Well-Known Member

    I have owned 4 so far, 3 45s and one XDM9. All worked great except the 45s don't like my reloads with 200 grain LSWC bullets, the slides on recoil sometimes getting caught on the square edge at the major diameter of the wad cutter.
  9. horsemen61

    horsemen61 Well-Known Member

    I really like mine no issues at all and yes mine has the recall on it
  10. 460Shooter

    460Shooter Well-Known Member

    Please share man. I really like mine and have been happy with SA, but not everyone has the same experience with the same company. All experiences should be shared.
  11. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    I just bought one and only have 50 rounds through it but I love it so far. Go to XDTalk.com to really see how many are happy (huge #) vs how many have problems. Many use it as their CCW, must be something good about them.
  12. SeanSw

    SeanSw Well-Known Member

    My post recall xds 9mm has fed every type of hollow point that I can find so far. It prefers heavier weight ammunition. 147gr hits closest to poa and 124gr is nearly as good but 115gr groups poorly by comparison. I do have a routine slide lock failure using older wolf 9mm, but it feeds and ejects fine.
  13. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    Love mine and carry it all the time. Finally heading back for the recall this week and will put it through its paces when it comes back.

  14. oron

    oron Active Member

    I receved my XD-45, 05
    7 tac pistol shoots
    9-LE. Tac. Classes

    8,634 Fired Rds.
    Just started to ware the finish

    I have the 4.5" Ser. Model.
    Uncle Mikes ITW. Scabbered

  15. skoro

    skoro Well-Known Member

    I've had mine for a year now, minus the 2 months for the recall. Probably 500-600 rounds through it w/o a single hiccup. All kinds of ammo, some of it old and cruddy. No problem.
  16. Ccctennis

    Ccctennis Well-Known Member

    I have had my xdm tactial 45 for almost three years. 3,000 rounds so far and never had a single issue. I have two other xd in 9mm. One full size for the house and one sub for conceal carry. I am springfield for life. Just need an xds in both 9and 45.
  17. thefamcnaj

    thefamcnaj Well-Known Member

    I like mine but don't trust it. Through 500 rounds(post recall) it has a lot of failures to fire with various brands. I have one about every 10-15 rounds. I did a detail strip of the slide and the striker channel was gummed up pretty bad. Hopefully this will do the trick.
    It feeds anything I put in it, which is a positive.
    My fiber optic in my front site has broken and fell out twice. Its a sweet 9mm and fun to shoot.
    I doubt I'll get rid of it, but I also doubt I'll ever carry it.
    The shield has proven to be more reliable in my personal experience.
  18. BWB

    BWB Well-Known Member

    I have two XDs .45's, and long ago lost count of the rounds - a lot. This is a very compact gun, and like most of its breed it likes full power heavy bullet ammo best. With that mine are totally reliable. They are very shootable and surprisingly accurate. Ragged hole groups at 7 - 10 yards are not at all unusual if the shooter does his part.
    Springfield's handling of the recall was in my opinion exemplary. With convenient prepaid shipping both ways, I can't imagine what more could have been expected of them, and the new mag included with the return was a nice touch.
  19. Capt. Ct.

    Capt. Ct. Well-Known Member

    No problems before or after the recall. It is beside my bed at this time. If I go out tonight it will be on me.
  20. tangomike706

    tangomike706 Well-Known Member

    I've owned mine since they first became available in my area, and have never had a single issue with it. I've currently got about 1000 rounds pre-recall and close to 3000 after (4 thousand total)

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