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Springfield XDs Reliability Update & Questions

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by CTGunner, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. CTGunner

    CTGunner Well-Known Member

    As a point of clarification this post refers to the New Single Stack .45acp XDs.

    I know there are a few XDs threads already going but I would like to share a quick reliability update. When I first purchased the gun I broke it down and cleaned and lubed it thoroughly. I now have 300 rounds down range with it over 3 shooting sessions and have experienced zero malfunctions of any kind. I have not cleaned or lubed it at all since the initial field strip. I am actually quite pleased with the gun and am considering picking up another one (the two tone).

    I have heard some concerns about the XDs not being reliable. More specifically I have heard that some of the guns have been prone to light primer strikes. Has anyone here experienced this or other malfunctions with the XDs? If so did you break the gun down and clean it before initially shooting it?
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  2. Gryffydd

    Gryffydd Well-Known Member

    Edit: sorry I wasn't paying attention and misinterpreted that little "s" on the end.
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  3. KenW.

    KenW. Well-Known Member

    The only light strikes I've heard of resulted from the owner leaving lube in the striker channel. Over time the lube gets sticky and holds lint and powder residue which slows the striker.

    I own four and have yet to get any malfunction. Got my first one six years ago.
  4. bigfatdave

    bigfatdave Well-Known Member

    Just picked one up, the striker channel was clean and dry out of the box

    Either S.A.inc has started shipping the striker channel sans lube, or the other reports were owners getting lube/crud in there. (well, or S.A.inc ships some out wet and some dry at random)

    My impressions if the internals were that pretty much everything is just barely not in the way of something else - it wouldn't take too much to foul the pistol, I think, but obviously experimentation will be required to really determine that.
  5. Mr. T

    Mr. T Well-Known Member

    I have two XD's one in .45 ACP and another in 9mm. I've fired thousands of rounds through both and the only problem I've ever had was a failure to feed from a defective round that the empty case got caught in the action. It wasn't the guns fault the round was defective. We know the round was defective because it sounded funny and the recoil on the action was noticably light, thus causing the jam. Other than that I've fired hollow points and FMJ's through it without any other problems other than the one cited previously. They are a very solid gun and break down very easily. I would recommend this gun to anyone without hesitation or concern!
  6. critter

    critter Well-Known Member

    Mine has been 100%.
  7. Okie45

    Okie45 Active Member

    They are very reliable. Both the .45 and 9mm have performed flawlessly for me. I've had the 9mm sub-compact since it first came out, and its reliability convinced me to upgrade to the .45 for carry.
  8. XD 45acp

    XD 45acp Well-Known Member

    I don't even remember the last time mine was cleaned... Springfield told me it was tough, so I basically have treated it like garbage. Snow, rain, mud, and oh yea, 1 trip to the bottom of Lake Chesdin. I have put well over 1000 rounds thru it since the last clean, and Never ever had a failure out of this thing. It has made me a believer.... I tell everybody about it;

  9. wbwanzer

    wbwanzer Well-Known Member

    I think that most folks think that you are asking about XDs (as in XD plural), when I'm pretty sure that you are asking about the recently released single stack XDs. You might want to edit your original post to clear that up. Unless of course that you are asking about the XD line of pistols in general. In which case I'm wrong.
  10. ejfalvo

    ejfalvo Well-Known Member

    I have had an XDs for over a month now - put ~250 rounds thru it, mostly in the last week. Variety of ammo (all factory). No FTFs or FTEs - ran smoothly without any issues.

    Prior to first time shooting I did disassemble and lube the rails - nothing else.

    I also ran 2 boxes of Hornaday Critical Defense - again, ran flawlessly.

    I have no concerns at all about CCWing this firearm
  11. powder

    powder member

    There were some concerns stated, but I cannot remember where.

    How does it compare size-wise to the G36?

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