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SRH .454Casull or .460 S&W????

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Blacklabman, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Blacklabman

    Blacklabman Well-Known Member

    I want a new hunting revolver.
    My .357mags and .44mags are great, but I want something new.
    SA's are out, I like/prefer DA revolver's.
    I have narrowed it down to two choices.
    1. The SRH 7.5" .454 Casull
    2. The S&W.460. (5" or 6.5")
    Both are obviously big revolvers. Neither qualify for the three P's, but what the heck this one time
    My likes and hangups are these.
    The SRH is the cheapest and has a great reputation for toughness and accuracy. The .454 is a solid performer but with the .44mag loads from Double Tap, Buffalo Bore, and Garrett Hammerheads, I question if there is still a really difference between the two.
    .454 Casull ammo is not expensive anymore.
    As big and as bulky as it is, I like the SRH .454 Casull.
    S&W .460
    The .460 can fire .45Colt, .454 Casull, and .460. It can now be has with 5" and 6.5" barrels.
    The gain twist of the .460 is suppose to make a 5" barrel perform like a 8" one.
    Longer ethical shots are possible with the .460.
    Ammo for the .460 is expensive. If it is worth the cost, then so be it. The S&W .460 revolver itself is not cheap.

    No matter which I buy, it will wear a scope to make the best of the performance offered.

    I have shot both, and like both. I do not mean to keep bringing up price. I just paid for two Out of State hunting leases. Sticker shock has not worn off yet. hehehe
    This new revolver is want, not a need. I just want to make the best investment for my money.
    I would like to hear both pro and cons, for those who own these revolvers.
  2. 454c

    454c Well-Known Member

    Ballistic wise- 454 vs 460 is like the 308 vs 30-06, flip a coin.

    Decide if you want a "big" and "bulky" SRH or a bigger and bulkier x-frame.
  3. Blacklabman

    Blacklabman Well-Known Member

    Going crosseyed looking at the charts (fps, foot pounds, drop etc) and reading the hype, I had not thought of it in those terms.
    The upside is that the 5" .460 is a handier package and can be left with open sights and carried on the hip, or easily scoped and provide's better ballistics than the 7.5 SRH .454Casull.
    The downside is that reports are no coming in(gunshops,and internet) about a very severe drop in accuaracy around 1k rounds.
    If true, one tends to seriously wonder about throat erosion, and barrel life.
  4. 454c

    454c Well-Known Member

    The upside is that the 5" .460 is a handier package and can be left with open sights and carried on the hip, or easily scoped

    Both can use open sights,be carried on the hip and easily scoped.When comparing the 5" model,you gotta decide what's more important,the oal or the weight ?

    SRH 7 1/2" brl. - OAL-13 1/8" ---weight-53 1/2 oz.

    x frame 5"brl. - OAL-11 1/4" ---weight-62.5 oz.

    and provide's better ballistics than the 7.5 SRH .454Casull.

    You might want to look again.The closest apples to apples comparison I've found so far is from Cor Bon.

    454 - 7 1/2" brl. - 300gr.JSP - 1,650 fps

    460 - 8.375"brl. - 300gr.JSp - 1,750 fps

    454 - 7 1/2" brl. - 320gr. fppn - 1,600 fps

    460 - 8.375" brl. - 325gr. bc - 1,650 fps

    Keep an eye on the barrel length.The 460 has an edge of only 50-100 fps with a longer barrel.What do you think is gonna happen when you lose 3.375" of barrel length ?
  5. Redhawk1

    Redhawk1 Well-Known Member

    I currently have 2 of the 460's, a 5 inch and a 7.5 inch PC model. I had 5 total of the 460's but my buddies liked them so much they wanted one of mine, seeing how they were set up with red-dots and sighted in already. My buddies loved the accuracy and how well the guns functioned. I could take any of the five 460's and shoot 4 inch clay targets consistently at 150 yards. I know several other guys that have switched to the 460 with no regrets at all. I have had the Ruger Super Redhawk in 454 Casull, a Freedom Arms 454 Casull and in my opinion the S&W 460 Mag flat out, out performers them.
    I have sold all my other hunting handguns after I started shooting the 460 Mag. The only hunting handguns I own now are, 2 S&W 460 Mags and 2 of the 500 Mags, one a 4 inch S&W 500 and a 6 inch BFR 500 Mag custom. The 460 Mag is my favorite round. Also I have over 1000 rounds through my 7.5 inch PC model and I don't have any sign of throat erosion or loss of accuracy. :cool:

    All of this information is from someone that owns and shoots the 460, not from what I think or what someone else told me. :D
  6. Blacklabman

    Blacklabman Well-Known Member

    You are correct. The .460 does weight more than the SRH. When held in the hand and shot, it actually feels lighter and smaller. Go figure.

    On the velocity figures.
    The Ballistic Tables I am looking at, only gives the figures for the 8 3/8" .460. Or 7.5" if you disregard the compensator.

    A. Cor Bon
    200gr XPB 2300 fps
    325gr SP 1650 fps
    275gr X 1750 fps
    395gr HC 1525 fps
    B. Hornady
    200gr SST 2300 fps

    Some listing for the .454 Causll out of a 7.5" barrel are.
    A. Cor Bon
    240gr JHP 1450 fps
    265gr JSP 1800 fps
    265gr JSP 1700 fps
    320gr FP 1600 fps
    325gr L 1600 fps
    B. Hornday
    240gr JHP 1900 fps
    300gr JHP 1650 fps

    With this said, I am going with the 7.5" SRH .454 Casull.
    A guy at work, had one that I bought this afternoon. It is 5 months old, and barely shot(less than 12 rounds). He decided he did not like it, and I was able to buy it for $400.
    I shot 18 rounds of Hornday 300gr's thru it.
    I Love it.

    Redhawk 1,
    It is great to hear from someone who actually owns the .460 S&W. So many times when talking with shooter's in person, it seems the information comes from someone who heard from someones brother.
    Your reply is greatly appreciated.
    I have decided that I am going to buy a .460. But not right now. With recently paying for two leases, and buying the SRH today at a good price, I cannot justify another 1.2k for a .460 plus 300 or so the scope at this time.
    Family expenses come first.
    I do plan on buying a PC 6.5" version by November.

    Thanks again to both of you, for your help.
  7. BusMaster007

    BusMaster007 Well-Known Member

    Hard to beat a gun that shoots 3 different kinds of ammo and can be worn in a holster...:D

    Sounds like the 5" .460 is a great choice for you.
  8. TC-TX

    TC-TX Well-Known Member

    Blacklabman -

    I had the same delimma, only add to it my desire for the Raging Bull 454...

    I went with the S&W 460 XVR... a bit more expensive but one HECK of a platform!

    Three rounds to choose from - Versatility.

    Gain twist rifling - Accuracy.

    .460 Capabilities - Just Plain AWESOME to SHOOT!!!!

    Happy Hunting!
  9. TC-TX

    TC-TX Well-Known Member

    Oh Yeah... BTW -

    (pardon my ignorance) What are the Three P's? :confused:
  10. TC-TX

    TC-TX Well-Known Member

    Never mind... I figured it out... :eek:
  11. BusMaster007

    BusMaster007 Well-Known Member

    3 P's?
    I didn't figure it out, what are they?:confused:
  12. Redhawk1

    Redhawk1 Well-Known Member

    Powerful, Practical, and Packable
  13. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    While the .460 is an awesome rounds, it's performance is severely hindered in a shorter barrel. If you are looking at the 8-3/8" or longer, it is superior to the Casull. But from a 5 or 6" gun, the only thing you end up with is a larger, heavier gun that holds fewer rounds. The 6" .460 is more unweildy (and more expensive) than the 7.5" SRH.
  14. Redhawk1

    Redhawk1 Well-Known Member

    MachIVshooter, with a 5 inch 460 Mag you will not loose much in the way of the velocity or performance. I am not taking anything away from a 454 Casull, but it is not a 460 Mag by no means.
  15. Goodshot

    Goodshot Active Member

    I've had my 6.5" PC 460 for 6 months and love it. I have chronographed the factory 200 grain Hornadys at 2320. That's smokin' for a 6 1/2" barrel. And it's accurate !
    The barrell has another inch of compensator on it so is actually 7 1/2". I put a Simmons 2x7 on it and over a good rest it will shoot under 2" at 100 yds. Nice gun....
  16. 454c

    454c Well-Known Member

    but it is not a 460 Mag by no means.

    How do you figure?

    I've got a SRH 454 and when the 460 hit the spotlight,it had my attention.............until I started looking at apples-to-apples comparisons(as close as I could find).50-100 fps.?!?!

    It's kinda funny actually.S&W re-invented the 454,chambered it in a heavier,bulkier revolver and charged more money for it.:D

    And no,this is not a slam on the 460.They are so close that a slam to one cartridge is a slam to the other.They are both good cartridges but,neither one stands head and shoulders over the other.
  17. Redhawk1

    Redhawk1 Well-Known Member

    454c, come on! .50-100 fps.?!?! :rolleyes: I hate to say BS, but that is a crock of BS. There is not way with 10 more grains of powder that the 460 Mag has, are you only going to get a 50-100 fps difference. What you 454 Casull guys fail to realize is you can't get enough powder in the 454 Casull case to get the same velocities you can get with the 460 Mag without blowing up your guns. The case of the 454 Casull can only hold so much powder. When you can get 2300 fps in a 454 Casull come back and talk to me about it, until then, your dream does not hold water. It is like saying the 45 Colt can reach the velocities of the 454 Casull.

    Like I said before, the 454 Casull is a great cartridge and I don't take anything away from it, but lets face it, it cannot do what the 460 Mag will do. (CASE CAPASITY). :banghead: :banghead:
  18. Stainz

    Stainz Well-Known Member

    My favorite .454 load for my long-time 7.5" SRH was the Hornady 240gr XTP. During the years I shot it, Hornady rated it's velocity at 2,000 fps first, then 1,900 fps, and finally, 2,000 fps again. I chrono-ed them several times at 1,985 - 1,995 fps. At that, they produce 2,130 ft-lb of KE... just how much do you need? I usually had a 2x28mm Weaver H2 on mine - until I found full lens reading diopter safety glasses - +1.00 allowed me to see the iron sights and a target once again, so I added a front fiber optic sight. Standing, handheld, and scoped, I could ping a 12"-16" steel plate at 100-110yd six times out of six - a bit less with that fiber optic sight. I got 1.5" five-shot groups (I allow a flier!) at 50yd twice, with those 240gr .454's.

    The SRH has a slow twist that favors the fast .454's. I shot ~500 of the .240's, a mix of other .454's, and thousands of .45 Colts. The usual .45 Colt 'cowboy' load didn't fare so well, grouping 3-4" at 25yd, and under 6" at 50yd being considered 'good' for mine. I did find my 250gr LRNFP's at 900 fps from .454 cases were much better, and that's what I reloaded my .454 cases at - glorified 'cowboy' loads. I just plinked with my SRH... and enjoyed it immensely, with the OEM springs and grip, until my CTS problems convinced me to say good-bye to it. I swapped it for a LN No. 1H in .458 Lott - and that plus a few bucks for a new 5" h-l 686+ 'Stocking Dealer Exclusive'. I miss my SRH...

    I am a dyed in the wool S&W-nut, but, I think the X-frame .500 Magnum is the only X-frame I would buy. That .460 was derated from 2,600+ fps to 2,300 fps - and now that may be too much for the rifling. The SRH is made from a different 'hi tech' SS - with a solid/massive one piece barrel. The SRH is well made, if ungainly looking, and has the GP-100 style lockwork and grip. The S&W trigger will be better in DA post-breakin, but the SRH isn't bad. In fact, my factory tweaked .45 Redhawk's trigger would rate as much worse than my old SRH... they really do breakin quite well. Enjoy your SRH - you did quite well for $400!


    PS Lube it and dry-fire the thing - it'll 'wear in' quite well, probably after 1,000-1,200 trigger pulls. Clean and lightly lube before you take it to the range. Don't re-spring it - 'clicks' are not good to hear when you are expecting a massive 'crack' from a .454!
  19. Redhawk1

    Redhawk1 Well-Known Member

    Stainz, had the 460 Mag come out before the 500 Mag, the 500 Mags would not of faired so well. I know a lot of guys that are selling there 500 Mags or have sold there 500 Mags when they got there 460 Mags. I like both the 460 & 500 Mags and have 2 of each. But in my opinion the 460 Mags fits me better. Sure the X frame is big and heavy, but the recoil reduction is well worth it in my opinion. My FA 454 Casull would rock my world with them 325 gr. cast bullets, but those same rounds in my 460 Mag are like shooting a light 45 Colt. We all have our reasons for liking our chosen handguns. :D
  20. 454c

    454c Well-Known Member

    454c, come on! .50-100 fps.?!?! I hate to say BS, but that is a crock of BS.

    Prove me wrong Redhawk.I've posted the closest cartridge specs I have been able to find.Where can a shooter buy ammo that blows the 454 away in an apples-to-apples comparison?

    Oh yes.The "2300 fps" claim to fame.What bullet did they use to achieve that number? And what bullet did they compare it to ?

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