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St. Paul sheep bleat for more police

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Father Knows Best, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Father Knows Best

    Father Knows Best Well-Known Member

    On the radio this morning, one of the big news stories concerned a rally that is supposedly being held in St. Paul today to call on the Mayor and city Council to hire 200 more police officers. The City of St. Paul has 571 full time officers, which is an all-time high, but residents say that the criminals are still taking over, and they are concerned about more crime spilling over from nearby Minneapolis. I heard several residents interviewed, all of whom said things like, "I'm afraid to go outside at night", and "I'm a prisoner in my own home."


    In my not-so-humble opinion, that's the kind of attitude that has created the problem in the first place. Good law-abiding citizens would rather hide in their homes, living in fear and hoping for the police to show up, rather than take responsibility for their own and their community's safety. If they really wanted safe, crime-free neighborhoods, all it would take is for them to accept the responsibility and do something about it. Do they not understand that, or are they so conditioned to living their lives as coddled sheep that they simply aren't willing to do anything but cower and hope? :banghead:
  2. mbt2001

    mbt2001 Well-Known Member

    I couldn't agree with you more, save for the fact that the system is purposefully instilling fear in the population by preferring criminal charges against victims for defending their home or against people that fight back.
  3. jondar

    jondar Well-Known Member

    They are doing something about it. They are calling for more police, though what good would that do. The S. C. has already ruled that it is not the duty of law enforcement to protect the citizens. You may call 911 but that's not a life saving alternative any more. And the "blame the victim" mentality that has arisen doesn't help the situation. Let them go and when it gets bad enough something has to give. Am I correct that Minnesota has some of the strictest handgun laws?
  4. longeyes

    longeyes member

  5. Father Knows Best

    Father Knows Best Well-Known Member

    I don't think so. I just moved here from Tennessee, and there are restrictions on handguns in Minnesota that we didn't have in Tennessee, but they're nowhere near as bad as lots of other places. Minnesota is a "shall issue" CCW state, and I just applied for my Minnesota permit. Minnesota requires a purchase permit for handguns and listed semi-auto "assault weapons" (identified by name, and includes the AR, FAL, etc., but not the M1A or many others). A purchase permit is good for a year, however, and you can buy as many pistols or assault weapons on it as you like. I applied for a purchase permit (at my local PD) as soon as I got here, and it arrived in the mail in less than two weeks.

    So while I'm not thrilled about the requirement for a purchase permit, that's the only law that I would consider even somewhat "restrictive", at least when compared to lots of other states. Neighboring Wisconsin and nearby Illinois are the only two midwest states with absolutely NO CCW provisions. Michigan requires a permit for the purchase of each handgun, it's only good for something like 10 days, and you have to register your handguns with the state. We all know about California, New York and other states with even tighter restrictions.
  6. mountainclmbr

    mountainclmbr Well-Known Member

    The liberal cities are probably fighting the rest of the state. The liberal police/court systems will release crimminals to create more need for the police/court. They will spend resources on parking meters over crimminal investigation because they want revenue while oficially repudiating "Capitalism" as the cause of crime. While raking in the "Fine $$$$, get it? The unproductive should steal from the productive".
  7. doberman

    doberman Well-Known Member

    You expected differently from the Twin Cities?

    Rybak is a (can't put it any other way) a puss.

    He was making a typical political photo-op type speech in Northside just a few days back and when was challenged boogied outa there quickly.

    I obsereved "security" at the dome Monday night for the Vikes game. A Joke. Lots of VERY BORED LEO'S with AR's,MP's & BA at every gate. 40 some who would have been better deployed to North MPLS.

    I strolled right into the dome. Left the Glock in the truck but coulda smuggled... (deleted)...

  8. Optical Serenity

    Optical Serenity Well-Known Member

    I don't see it that way at all. You can have a normal number of officers (very common to have a need for 200 more officers due to growth) and self protection.

    I'm an LEO and I always tell people they have to defend themselves. Then again, this is Georgia :)
  9. xd9fan

    xd9fan Well-Known Member

    Its funny how this black community WANTS more police on the streets and at the same time, never stop complaining about the police abuse.

    Every member of that community needs to look in the mirror. Nobody will care about your community like YOU will. Same principle applies to personal protection. Nobody will care about protecting YOUR life like you will.

    police CAN NOT solve the crime problem that is targeted to one community, they can only help (at best). The Community must step up and help each other.

    Its Amazing how much kumbaya comes out of this group, yet no one is willing to help each other on thier own. Sorry it takes more than just midnight basketball.

    The MEN in the community taking responsiblity for their actions, including the children they bare and raise them, would be a shocking start.

    Rybak is just a photo-op joke looking for the P.C. in this.

    Its well documented that the "local Jesse Jackson" of this community (his name escapes me right now) is just after more money......again wow shocking.....
  10. iohk

    iohk Member

    Sorry about the minor thread hijack but can someone elaborate on "a purchase permit for handguns and listed semi-auto "assault weapons" (identified by name, and includes the AR, FAL, etc., but not the M1A or many others). A purchase permit is good for a year, however, and you can buy as many pistols or assault weapons on it as you like." in Minnesota?

    I hadn't heard about that before submitting resumes for a couple of positions there and now I'm wondering what, if anything, I would need to do in order to bring my collection (which almost certainly contains listed items) with me in the event that I get a job in MN?

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