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Stag Arms AR-15 .223 Receiver question.

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by ak47nevada, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. ak47nevada

    ak47nevada New Member

    I'm more strongly every day considering building my own AR15.

    I'm wondering since AimSurplus has Stag Arms AR-15 .223 Receivers in stock if these are of the same quality compared to the lowers used on Bushmaster, Colt and Rock River Arms AR15s.

    I'm thinking that ordering this lower and the rest of the components I need from other companies I won't have to wait two months for my AR15 once I decide to go for it.

  2. natedog

    natedog New Member

    Stag Arms is made by CMT, who I believe makes recievers for Bushmaster and RRA among others. Only real downside I can see to Stag Arms is the logo, which is kind of weird. Colt makes their own, IIRC. Really, the most important part is the upper- the lower bears little to no stress, and as long as its to the correct dimensions, you're good to go- no worries about chrome lining, MP testing, etc etc.

    Anyone know where to get a Stag Arms/CMT upper?
  3. Estela216

    Estela216 New Member

    As Fairfield University Alumni, I see nothing wrong with the Stag logo!
  4. joegerardi

    joegerardi New Member

    My AR has a Stag lower and it's been absolutely top-notch in regards to fit with the upper, internals, etc.

  5. swingset

    swingset New Member

    I have had great luck with Stag lowers - every bit as nice as Bushy/RRA/DPMS, etc. I don't care about the logo. Unless it's a fashion entry, it will work the same no matter what kind of animal is on the side.
  6. N3rday

    N3rday New Member

    Stag Arms, Stinger, Mega and Ameetec lowers are just as good quality-wise as any other more expensive brand lower. All of the 4 above go for about $90 shipped, last I checked. Any other receiver, and you're paying for the logo. Either of the four above should serve you equally well, though I'd get a Mega just for their awesome (IMHO) logo.
  7. GlocksRock

    GlocksRock New Member

    My Stag lower has been great, and I kinda like the Deer on the side. I got mine from www.eaglefiremarms.net
  8. Zach S

    Zach S Active Member

  9. whitebear

    whitebear New Member

    I was kinda hoping that it actually was www.eaglefiremarms.com - you know, kinda like school marms, but with a tactical twist.

    Sorry - didn't get too much sleep last night...
  10. mtnbkr

    mtnbkr New Member

    I used a Stag Arms lower to build my AR. It's worked fine so far. The parts went in without a problem and the first mag of ammo fired without any problems. At the time I bought mine, EagleFirearms had the best price after shipping, but I think they're out of stock right now.

  11. ak47nevada

    ak47nevada New Member

    Thanks for all your replies guys. Looks like a Stag Arms receiver is the way to go.

    Now I just have to see how the little .223 round performs versus the 7.62x39 I'm used to.
  12. g56

    g56 New Member

    You will like it, I have built 2 ARs, one with a Rock River lower receiver and the most recent with a Stag Arms lower, they are identical except for the trademarks. Here's the most recent build.

  13. ak47nevada

    ak47nevada New Member

    g56, looks great!
  14. VaughnT

    VaughnT New Member

    I just picked up a Stag lower and Stag LPK from Title2 and couldn't be happier with the gear. Yea, the queer deer can put some folks off, but is a silly snake really that much better? At least the deer has an aura of nobility about it!

    Stag is quality gear. Enjoy your build!
  15. RWMC

    RWMC New Member

    I just sold a customer of mine 3 Stag Arms lower receivers. They appeared to be very nice quality, even though I know little about the AR type rifles. The quality control appeared very nice.
  16. boing

    boing New Member

    Built my A1 on a Stag lower. Thumbs up in every respect.

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