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Stag Arms "super varmiter"

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by berettashotgun, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. berettashotgun

    berettashotgun Well-Known Member

    Brother got offered a Stag arms varmint model for $650. Almost new, less than 50rounds, from a friend.
    Is this a good price? I shoot my AR's that I have had since .....I don't actually remember when I bought the parts kits and assembled them, youngest boy was 10 or so - I think. he's pushing 20 now.
    Anyways, after shooting paper last weekend, my brother (super anal paper puncher/reloader) was amazed at how the 20" AR barrel had at the chronograph as compared to his 20" 22-250.
    Decided he "needs" an AR.
    I know jack about Stag Arms, any info is well needed
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2008
  2. Essex County

    Essex County Well-Known Member

    I'd say You'd be good to go. I haven't done a build for a few years, and I doubt you could assemble one for that. The price seem very fair to me. Essex
  3. Fozzy_Bear

    Fozzy_Bear Well-Known Member

    I just finished putting my first Black Rifle together 10 days ago. So I've been actively researching this basic question for the last few months.

    1) Yes, you can put one together for less than that. But you will have to wait for the right deal on every piece (I spent less than $600, but I took 3 months to assemble the parts)

    That being said,

    2) yes, that is a good price

    3)Stag is not a "top tier" manufacturer, but they are not the low end either. - Nothing to be ashamed of showing up with one. And if he is left handed, STAG is the only game in town.

    4) what often makes buying used AR's worthwhile is the other misc. what-not that people throw in. If his friend is throwing in a few Magazines and some ammo , it's a no-brainer. If not... You may want to consider that I can buy a brand new Stag from a local shop for $850 and it comes with a one year warantee. That may or may not matter to your brother, but if he's anal about things like that... it's his call.

    All-in-all, it's probably worth doing.
  4. NG VI

    NG VI Well-Known Member

    Stag is a good company, and 650 doesn't sound bad at all. Like Fozzy said it isn't a Saber, but it's definitely not an Olympic either.
  5. strat81

    strat81 Well-Known Member

    If that's $650 for the entire rifle (i.e., not just the upper), it's a good deal. Stag makes good stuff.
  6. Bendutro

    Bendutro Well-Known Member

    The "Super Varminter" has a 24" bull barrel.
    ( I go DROS mine tomorrow, I plan on testing the 0.5 MOA guarantee)

    A report will follow.
  7. jakeswensonmt

    jakeswensonmt Well-Known Member

    Been very happy with my Stag carbine. Wish I hadn't seen that varminter... yet another rifle added to the wish list.
  8. strat81

    strat81 Well-Known Member

    Bring plenty of Wolf! :p
  9. Bendutro

    Bendutro Well-Known Member

    Sad thing is, that's what a lot of people would do.... Buy the cheapest milsurp they can find and then whine.

    I'll stick with the Black Hills for now. My brother reported that his liked the lighter 55 grain bullets, in spite of a 1:8 twist rate. I have some 77s and 50s to try as well as 55s. I'm only looking for minute of ground squirrel really but I like to be confident in my equipment.

    The REAL bummer is that Nikon Monarchs are back ordered 30 days out! My 5-20X44 plans are on hiatus... Oh well, guess she'll wear a Bushnell in the meantime.
  10. All4eyes

    All4eyes Well-Known Member

    Buy it, and then sell it to me for $700. I have one, and love it, very accurate, and a pleasure to shoot. You are goo to go.
  11. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    I don't know about the "super varmiter" version, but I have one set up with a light weight 16" barrel and a telescoping stock. Mine has been great. I think Stag is a great value in an AR.

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