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STAR 30M 9mm Holsters

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by LeftyTSGC, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. LeftyTSGC

    LeftyTSGC Well-Known Member

    Anyone run across Kydex (for range shooting) and Leather (Personal carry) holster for a STAR 30M 9mm? Oh yea i need those for LH OWB applications. Yes i am a South Paw. I cannot seem to find anyone who has a STAR 30M mold to make holsters and in LH.

    Would appreciate any POC that can or has made Holster for my Handgun.

    Also, I a mlooking for a second STAR 30M to purchase.

  2. mikeasb

    mikeasb Well-Known Member

    I too am a Southpaw and have a Star 30M. Great range pistol and combat type full size firearm, but try as I might I just can't comfortably find a way to carry it. I carry IWB and the best holster that I have found is one that I made (Supertuck clone) by molding my own kydex to fit. Even with suspenders you know that its there. BTW there are three on Gunbroker for sale right now.
  3. LeftyTSGC

    LeftyTSGC Well-Known Member

    Mikeasb - Where do you get the material to make a kydex holster your self. I may be interested in that. I have been watching GunBroker, but everyone wants way to much for thier handguns. I bought mine for $240 this past March. In like new condition. I would love to find one around $300-$350Max.
  4. Nordeste

    Nordeste Well-Known Member

    Luckily enough, there is still someone over here manufacturing holsters for the old -and good- STARs.

    If you wanna go IWB, I'm afraid you'll have to roll your own and make yourself a kydex holster (I'm even thinking of doing that myself), but as for OWB, I have one of these:


    Nothing special, but with a proper belt it'll do the job. The web can be set to English language and I presume they'll ship overseas.

    Good luck. I'm so happy to see that my so much cherished 30M still has a number of fans at the other side of the pond.

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