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State Arms .50 BMG.. this a decent buy?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by mopar92, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. mopar92

    mopar92 Well-Known Member

    I shot a buddies Barret 99 and Nf getting hooked on these long range .50bmg's. I was just browsing around for single shot bolt's and right around the corner from me is one. It is a State Arms Rebel with 200ish rounds through it. No optics. Very nice aluminum case included for $2200. Is this a decent entry level 50 for 500 yard shoots? We also are fortunate to have a 50 cal friendly range very close by. Thanks for the advice guys...
  2. Bill_Rights

    Bill_Rights Well-Known Member

    The price for the used gun is only ~ $300 below new MSRP. That case had better be a hum-dinger.

    But, no, I can't answer your real question about usability for new shooter at 500 yards...
  3. OldmanFCSA

    OldmanFCSA Well-Known Member

    That is a good buy if it is with the aluminum case. Does it have any extras like a bi-pod and or a mono-pod, if yes, BUY IT !!!!!

    Edit - I have a State Arms Shorty and use it for 1000 yard competition. It is highly regarded by many top shooters as a very capable rifle. A single shot is all you need, I can put 5 aimed shots down range in les than 2 minutes - depending on target pullers speed in pits at 1000 yards.

    200 rounds - throat and entry rifling should be very sharp upon entry - clean it good with a Brownell's stainless steel brush, stroking only chamber to muzzle - then wipe dry with patches. With a good light, sunlight, you can see the rifling very easily.

    If overall condition is good, I would still buy it in a heartbeat.
  4. Strongbad

    Strongbad Well-Known Member

    +1 to OMFCSA. State Arms builds a good rifle. I've got a Lightweight model that they no longer make. 17.5 lbs! Anyway, if it's in pretty crisp condition $2200 with that case is a good deal, and the gun is certainly capable of excellent accuracy out to 1000 yards and beyond with proper loads.
  5. mopar92

    mopar92 Well-Known Member

    How is the State Arms rifle chambered? Do you remove the bolt completely? That's one thing I like about the Barrett, the round is drop it.
  6. OldmanFCSA

    OldmanFCSA Well-Known Member

    Yes you do remove the bolt entirely with a State Arms, but that allows you to replace with new cartridge without looking and reaching as in the case of my AR50. Both of these rifles are typically mil-spec unless a special order - that is they have 0.562 necks and lots of freebore.

    Barretts are NOT known for their accuracy - only their Name.
  7. Strongbad

    Strongbad Well-Known Member

    The State Arms guns are referred to as a "shellholder" design. When you rotate the bolt to the open position, once it unlocks you phyically remove it and it's relatively short as bolts go. Only a couple of inches. Then you insert the shell into the bolt and put the whole assembly back in the gun, cam it over and lock it down... just like any other bolt action.
  8. OldmanFCSA

    OldmanFCSA Well-Known Member

    Well ...................... did you buy it?

    If you did, I highly recommend joining the FCSA to get the most out of your rifle and to learn how to shoot it accurately.
    The money spent on membership will be recovered very quickly by knowledge gained and money saved buying the correct components.
    Join the Forum on FCSA.org also.
    Any question, contact me.
  9. fracit

    fracit Member

    I have a vulcan 3 lug and now own a armer light. the one thing i can say is that the 200 rounds is good look at the bolt and see if it is polishing it self or trying to galed or become ruff. ruff not, polish real good. as far as the lands and groves in the barrel in a singel shot you are not going to heat it enough to do damage and it should have many many more roounds left.
    Price you wont be selling it after using it so make your self happy, like i said in the begining i have a vulcan that i love but most will tell you it is not worth using as a pry bar but i like it better than the armer light. vulcan new around $1500.00, armer light around $2700.00 new.
    amo make a big diffrence.
  10. OldmanFCSA

    OldmanFCSA Well-Known Member

    I know some Vulcan owners are very happy with their guns, and should be!
    However, there have been a few that have had serious quality issues and were banned from FCSA competition. This occurred before my time. But the stigma still remains, why, I'm not sure. Vulcans, and Hesse, and now Bohica, are the rifles with the least positive support among many top shooters. Some of the issues are attributed to the company owners and their attitudes instead of the quality of the gun itself.

    Enjoyment of your TOYS is important to keep the sport going and growing for 50BMG users.

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