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Steel Challange SC MO. 7 April 2012

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Viper225, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Viper225

    Viper225 New Member

    The Big Piney Sportsman's Club will be holding our Steel Challange Handgun Match on 7 April 2012. Starting time 9 AM > 4 PM
    First Entry $10 all additional entries $5.
    Normally requires 50 rounds per entry.
    Can be shot in Multiple Stages, or One continuous pass.

    Divisions: SSR ( all Revolvers) CDP (1911) SSP (All semi auto's not in CDP)

    Targets: 2 Dueling Trees, 8" Plate Rack, 2 Individual 42" Pepper Poppers, one Reactive 42" Pepper Popper that activates a Silhouette. A dual Silhouette Swinger, 6 each 8" X 16" Tomb Stones, 2 each 8" Plates, and a Texas Star. We also have the materias for another 6 of the Tomb Stones, as well as 6 each 8" Knock Down Plates. We will probably have the new targets completed my this match.


  2. HB

    HB New Member

    How many shooters are you expecting? I have never shot steel challenge but am familiar with pistol shooting, I may make it down for this match. Also, what is the typical set-up are your club? I will likely shoot the SSP class but would be interested in shooting the course with .22 for comparison.

  3. Viper225

    Viper225 New Member

    A 22 will not take the steel down.

    9mm and fairly stiff 38 special are on the bottom of the power scale for steel.

    We normally decide on the course of fire just before the match.

    This is not a High Speed Super Serious Competition. Our guys are laid back and friendly, and show up to have a good time shooting handguns.

    The range is located on Highway B about half way between Houston and Raymondville Missouri. (18012 Highway B Houston Missouri) Look for a large Timber Frame sign on the right.

    Show up between 9 AM and 1 PM to enter. We will probably get done sometime between 4 PM and dark O Clock. Depending on the number of shooters, and how many runs each shooter makes.


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