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sterling .380 ppl serial#001650

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by dec1656, May 17, 2009.

  1. dec1656

    dec1656 New Member

    very good condition .....looking for approx. value
  2. elrod

    elrod Well-Known Member

  3. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

  4. Ron James

    Ron James Well-Known Member

    From personal experience, I believe that's over priced by about 200 dollars.
  5. JR47

    JR47 Well-Known Member

    I own one, and have since the 1980's. Mine has been reliable, and accurate, with ammo that it liked. It's a bit finicky with JHP, as were most of the early 1980 handguns.

    Mine is a Model 400S Mk. II.
  6. JD0608

    JD0608 Well-Known Member

    I`ve owned several of the sterling 380`s. for the most part they are pretty good little guns. kinda picky on ammo. i sold all of them in the $200-$250 range..
  7. JR47

    JR47 Well-Known Member

    The company went out of business when some brain-dead kid decided to show his girl-friend his gun. He dropped the magazine, but didn't clear the chamber. He pointed it at her, pulled the trigger, and killed her. The law-suit claimed that, because the gun didn't have a magazine-disconnect, it was faulty. The company was a small part of a conglomerate, and was folded by the parent company, to settle the suit.

    As I said, it was a 1980's design, and was finicky about JHP designs feeding. The older Remington JHP was fine, as was the Winchester Silvertip. For an inexpensive gun, it had a nice trigger pull. Dis-assembly required a screw-driver, and actually reading the owners manual. :what:

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