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Steyr M9 disassembly question.

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by euclid, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. euclid

    euclid Well-Known Member

    I just purchased a Steyr M9 and I am trying to lighten the trigger a bit. I think I can do this by polishing the sear but I can't figure out how to disassemble the darn thing! Can anyone point me to a website or talk me through this?

  2. Beav

    Beav Well-Known Member

  3. euclid

    euclid Well-Known Member

    Hey, thanks a lot Beav! I didn't attempt to try to the search function because I thought it would be futile. This is just what I needed.

  4. puppage

    puppage Member

    Why would you want to "frankenstein" a nice gun like that? Send it to a good gunsmith. ESPECIALLY, with the trigger. Unless you REALLY know what your doing, which, it appears you do not. I would rely on a gunsmith. IMHO
  5. euclid

    euclid Well-Known Member

    puppage...uhhh, thank you?:confused:

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