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STI Spartan

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by -terry, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. -terry

    -terry Well-Known Member

    Anyone seen or fired one of these. Even if not, what's your sense of how they'll compare to the Taurus PT 1911.
  2. Rotorflyr

    Rotorflyr Well-Known Member

    I don't think any have been delivered as of yet, though based on the information I've seen, I'd say they'd compare favorably to the Taurus (which so far seems to be solid according to owners)
  3. BullfrogKen

    BullfrogKen Moderator Emeritus

    Comparing an STI to a Taurus? I think . . .

    If Taurus could replicate what STI produces at substantially less cost, then STI has a problem and Taurus has a golden opportunity.
  4. Whirlwind06

    Whirlwind06 Well-Known Member

    I think they specify are talking about the STI Spartan. That uses a RIA frame and slide and STI internals. I guess it is being assembled in the Philippines. The Spartan has a price range similar to the Taurus 1911 ~$600 MSRP.
  5. daysleeprx

    daysleeprx Well-Known Member

  6. shaggycat

    shaggycat Well-Known Member

    I guess looks are in the eye of the beholder...

    It hurts me to even look at that huge rollmark. :barf:
  7. D-Man

    D-Man Well-Known Member

    I agree about the rollmark.....I was looking for a 9MM 1911, and STI seems to make a very nice one. But the whole TROJAN and horse logo rollmark kind of turned me off. Sure, maybe a bit childish, but looks do play a part.

    I see the price starts at $699. It should be priced lower when it hits the general market.
  8. Hawk

    Hawk Well-Known Member

    I have become one with the logo - part of the price of being an STI fanboy.

    Nevertheless, honesty compels me to admit I'm really glad they left any such thing off the Texican - that would've been just... wrong...
  9. mchasse

    mchasse New Member

    STI Spartin

    Well MSRP on the Spartin is $635.00. We get our first ones in on Tuesday and they will be selling for $571.00. If anyone is going to be at the SAR show this upcomming weekend in Phoenix, we'll have 16 of them there.


    Mike Chasse
    Thunder Mountain Custom Rifle
    Full Line STI Distributor
  10. Crzy_One

    Crzy_One Member

    I went to the show with the intention of spending like $300 and ended up walking out with one of the Spartans. Im fairly new to 1911's but it seemed like a good deal, and a friend of mine that owns a few STI's picked up one so I decided it was worth it.

    I couldn't be happier, now I just need more mags and a holster!

  11. shaggycat

    shaggycat Well-Known Member

    I need a range report!
  12. Crzy_One

    Crzy_One Member

    I will have one up by Sunday night hopefully...
  13. kenpocop

    kenpocop Active Member

    Did I see someone say Philipines? I thought that only bad things are made in the Philipines? I have seen many posts here that denounce, decry and defame the products that come out of the islands...:neener:

    P.S. ...And no one took a stab at Taurus...
  14. Thefabulousfink

    Thefabulousfink Well-Known Member

    I am waiting on mine to arrive, if Correia ever gets them in and puts it in the mail.:p

    Crzy_One, that picture with the Christmas lights and gas mask is a terrible pic of the gun, but an awsome pic no the less.:cool:
  15. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    Use the search for my experiences with Armscor made RIA, Charles Daly, and Armscor45. With a little better quality to the internal small parts they'd be very hard to beat, so I think STI will have a winner here.

  16. Crzy_One

    Crzy_One Member

    ya they all turned out terrible, but thought it was kinda cool looking anyway. I will take more pictures later when I get a chance, depending on how much longer I have to work on my damn final for tonight :banghead:
  17. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus

    My first ones will be here anytime now.

    They're filling the orders in the order that they were placed, and I waited too long while getting the group buy order in and ended up further down the line than some dealers. I'm pretty excited to get these.
  18. Crzy_One

    Crzy_One Member

    a few more shots, not that great but whatever, off to school I go...:barf:





  19. AnthonyRSS

    AnthonyRSS Well-Known Member

    From my house the fit and finish of the Spartans look much better than the Tauri I have seen.

    With the advent of the internet, it is amazing what you can see from your house.

  20. Hawk

    Hawk Well-Known Member

    Dang - looks for all the world like an LPA rear TR sight with something similar to the Dawson fiber front.

    Something like 100 American bucks in sights on a firearm under 600.00

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