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Still like my G34

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by jake_yer_booty, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. I bought my G34 eight years ago from a guy who gave up on it after a couple of boxes. He had not owned a Glock before, bought this one on impulse and decided shortly thereafter he hated pretty much everything about them. There are several things I'm not crazy about, but after maybe 7000 rounds and numerous club-level matches I guess it's probably time for me to start changing the stuff I don't like!

    First, if you are already used to the Glock trigger, you can skip this paragraph. I did the $0.25 trigger job on mine and the issue 3.5# setup is fine for me. I do have to dry fire several times before sighters because I didn't grow up on one and I need to reset muscle memory, but I'm alright with it. (I have fired one with a really nicely tuned Glockworx unit, and I have to say that's in the cards for me.)

    The grip is chunky and the finger grooves just aren't in the right places. It causes me to shift my grip and thus readjust my sights as a result (see target below). I guess I've shot enough value out of it to justify breaking out the Dremel and grinding the bloody things off. Maybe soon...

    I do hate the sights. HATE them. Honestly, mine were slightly asymmetrical from the manufacturer, and the dots were badly placed. I made small dimensional corrections with a file and blacked out the stupid dots. The pistol is accurate enough to justify quality sights; I've toyed with the idea of having the milled J Point installation, too. On the plus side, the adjustments are fine enough for NRA 50 foot match shooting. If you don't plan to shoot competitively or hunt with it, you can probably make do.

    I shot the target in the attached pic today. I had six five round magazines lined up to shoot my own 30-shot practice course (slow/timed/rapid). My sight picture on the first shot was perfect, but when I looked through the spotting scope, I saw an ugly hole sitting in the 8 ring at about 7 o'clock. [Insert expletive here!] I reset my stance, gripped carefully again, watched my breathing, and sent the second one, again with a textbook sight picture at trigger break. And, lo, the hole appears about a half inch to the left in the SEVEN ring. I decided at this point to just finish the magazine and follow with another five -- not rage shooting, but no longer scoring the round.

    When I looked through the scope, I saw they were mostly in one hole, but all well off of the center, so I just said, well, screw it, let's just go ahead and run one more magazine through in timed fire. I was flustered enough that I walked these around the lower left of the nine ring.

    So clearly I have a grip problem. But on the plus side you can see that in slow fire a box stock 34 will yield up a slow fire score in the 90-95 range if you manage your grip properly and use ammo that the gun likes. I've never brought home a win, but I've only been embarrassed by my own shortcomings, and not by Herr Glock's product.

    In the heavy bullets, mine greatly prefers the excellent but pricey Corbon Match. Otherwise, for duty rounds the 124/125 gr +P seems to shoot most accurately. And it spits out 115gr WWB (which I do not hate) all day with sufficient consistency to impress the guy next to you in casual shooting.

    Still love my Gold Cup NM and Model 27 Smith the best, but this is undeniably a good pistol. I have over the years bought a 17 and 19 to go with it.

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  2. coolluke01

    coolluke01 Well-Known Member

    Someone changed the sights on your Glock before you bought it. Glock sights have a white U rear and a white dot front.

    Warren tactical makes some great sights. I'm looking at getting a set of competition sights with a fiberoptic front on my G34.
  3. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    I ground the annoying finger grooves off my G34, added MMC adjustable sights, got rid of the extended magazine release and installed an NY-1 trigger spring.
    I like it just as well as any of my 1911s!:)
  4. Well, crap. The 34 was my first Glock. When I got the 19 a few years later, I didn't think much of the difference -- by then, the 34 was all blacked out anyway. I was not close to the guy who sold me the 34, and though I purchased it sans box, paperwork, etc. "as-is", it was not abused at all. He has since passed so I'm out of luck to hear his story.

    Perhaps it's time to look into that J Point. I had planned on making the 17 the Optics and 6-7" barrel set up since it had barely any sign of use when I picked it up, and has just now passed the 200 rd mark in my hands. Maybe I'll rethink that.
  5. Onmilo:

    Very clean work, and a functional, all-business look as a result!!
  6. wrench

    wrench Well-Known Member

    I love my 34! Stock trigger works for me, I put a fiber optic front sight on it, but like the stock rear fine, and the finger grooves fit me like a glove.:)
  7. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    Guys that like the stock trigger on the G34 should try the NY-1 spring.
    It gives a pull right at about 5.5 pounds and a very distinct and precise trigger reset.
    This precise reset allows me to cycle the gun faster than with the stock 3.5 connector and spring, it is really nice.
    Glock plastic sights suck and have always sucked, 1st thing I replace on all my Glocks.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2012
  8. breacher

    breacher Well-Known Member

    which connector do you use with your NY spring? I've heard of guys running the NY spring with a 3.5 connector but I've never tried it.

    strange thing is my G32 and G19 compact frames fit my hand like a glove but the larger G35 frame just doesn't feel right. the curve on the backstrap is a bit different than the compact frame. I'm running the Ghost 3.5 connector with the Wolf competition spring kit and the trigger is really light- maybe 3 lbs. on the G35. It's just for range use only, my duty G32 and wifes G19 are stock except for Mepros.

    My G35 came slightly used with a Dawson F/O front sight and G35 stock adjustable rear with the white bucket. To me the white outline distacts my eye from the front sight. I wanted to go plain black but Ameriglo has been sold out of the .300 high rears forever to match the Dawson. So I bought a cheap 7.3 mm plastic Glock rear and flipped it around backwards (white bucket forward) so it is plain black to my eye- works great.
  9. breacher

    breacher Well-Known Member

    Jake - that's an awesome 15 yd group in the first post!

    Omnilo- the front strap of your Glock could use a little stipple like this texture I did on my Steyr M40. it was easy and IMHO looks better than the pock mark crater stipple method I've seen some guys do. sticks to my hand like velcro.

  10. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    breacher, I'm using the 3.5 connector
    The standard 5.5 connector will give a felt pull weight of around 7-8 pounds and if you use the NY-2 spring it will kick it up to around 10 pounds.
    I didn't completely clean the frame up because I was considering doing some stippling and needed some guide lines.
    Decided against it after shooting the gun, didn't need it.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2012
  11. Teachu2

    Teachu2 Well-Known Member

    When I decided I absolutely had to have a 9mm Glock, I bought a new Gen3 G34. Left it completely stock, and learned to shoot it - it's not a 1911, and I ended up changing my grip until I found what works for me. I also had to crank the rear sight to the right, nearly to it's limit. Put about 600 rounds through it getting acquainted, then shot my first GSSF Indoor match with it. Got better each round, ending with a 493 and 1st place in Stock.

    I was a 1911 fan since 1980, and a Glock hater since 1982, but I'm now shooting them nearly exclusively. G34, G30, G21, G26, and a G36 on the way. That Kool-aid washes the crow down pretty well.....
  12. breacher; thanks for the kind words. The things are surprisingly accurate with ammo they like. I have managed a 3.3" group at 50 yds from sandbags using the Corbon. (How do you like your Steyr? I've never shot one, but the height of bore looks really low and thus it's intriguing. Plus I just love Steyr stuff. Maybe a thread from you on this?)

    Teach, congrats on the win. I'm shooting in club matches, but not truly competitive shooting as you are.
  13. powder

    powder member

    Looking to do a 9mm conversion from Storm Lake for my gen. 2
    24C. It's a keeper for sure. The KKM 7" that it came with is insane accurate.
    Glad to hear you are getting along with the 34 still. :D
  14. Teachu2

    Teachu2 Well-Known Member

    Your club matches are probably as competitive as our GSSF Indoor match was - but I still had a ball. Darn near beat the top Unlimited score, with my box-stock G34.

    It's sure different than a 1911.....

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