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still making the 4006tsw?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by gudel, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. gudel

    gudel Well-Known Member

    Can't seem to find this gun anywhere. Online site might list it, but they have none in stock.
    I wonder if this model is more refined in the quality of workmanship than my 915.
  2. fastbolt

    fastbolt Well-Known Member

    It's still listed in the Law Enforcement, Military & Government catalog in their website, under the LE Pistol Duty Carry section ... http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/...1&parent_category_rn=26803&top_category=26803

    S&W stopped listing it in the regular commercial catalog, along with the rest of the TSW models except for the 3913TSW & 4013TSW models. The TSW models aren't currently being produced for regular commercial sale, but are still being sold to LE agencies.

    The TSW models do offer enhancements over the regular line, now called American Pride (formerly Value Line). They're also more expensive to produce, resulting in higher prices.

    When the CA CHP decided to start replacing their aging 4006 pistols, they selected a version of the 4006TSW. Since they were ordering a significant number of them (approx 9,700 units), S&W created a design modification for them which incorporated the accessory rail into the actual frame's dustcover, instead of being a separate part attached by large rivets. One of those "It's about time" things, perhaps ...

    Unfortunately, S&W's apparent decision to focus their efforts on less expensive aluminum frame pistols in the American pride line, and their 3 polymer-framed pistol lines (Sigma, SW990L & the new M&P), has resulted in leaving the higher end of the metal-framed Traditional Double Action market pretty much to Sig Sauer. It's rather sad that almost as fast as S&W has seemingly been focusing their commercial efforts away from some of their historic strengths in the TDA pistol market ... stainless steel frames and short SA trigger reset in TDA models ... Sig Sauer has introduced stainless steel frames and has recently designed a new sear & sear spring which produces a very short SA trigger reset in their TDA models. (I was told the new short trigger reset sear was originally designed with the LE market in mind.)

    I think it was almost a couple of years ago that I was told by a Sig Sauer LE vendor that Sig Sauer had finally accepted that they were going to have reduce their LE agency pricing in order to better compete in the growing LE market, and that they did reduce the pricing.

    The DAK design offered a much better alternative to agencies desiring a DAO-type design, compared to the original long & heavy Sig Sauer DAO, too.

    Somebody at SIGARMS is apparently serious about becoming even more competitive in the present LE marketplace ... with the benefits still making their way into the regular commercial market, as well.

    I hope S&W wakes up to the customer potential in the regular commercial marketplace, outside of the budget polymer pistols and their excellent SW1911 line ... and brings back their TSW models, or some form of them, in their regular catalog line, at some competitive pricing.
  3. gudel

    gudel Well-Known Member

    I really like S&W stuff, mine seems to be very reliable. Sure the Sig might look nicer, but I prefer S&W.
    As for the polymer, I'll stick with HK as so far I've found nothing exceeds HK's quality compared to the USP lines; but I'd like to have S&W's all steel gun like their TSW lines (NO 1911 variant).

    I presume The American pride line pistols have better finishing, I also notice the bore seems to have some kind of chroming.
  4. McCall911

    McCall911 Well-Known Member

    I'm a S&W fan also, both revolvers and autos.
    And I may be completely out to lunch, but I've always thought Smith autoloaders (except for Sigmas :barf: ) were better looking than SIGs!
  5. Alan Fud

    Alan Fud Well-Known Member


    I, too, think that the thrid generation auto-loaders are some of the nicest looking autloaders around.
  6. fastbolt

    fastbolt Well-Known Member

    Okay, just this one time I'll bite ... ;)

    While generally appearance and aesthetics aren't high on my list of important factors when selecting 'working, defensive' handguns, I have to admit that I've never cared for the blocky, ungainly appearance of the Sig Sauer pistols, going all the way back to when they were imported as Browing BDA's ... although if I were going to select between a Sig Sauer and a HK USP based on eye-appeal, the Sig Sauer would 'win' everytime.;)

    I've actually always thought the M39's were nicely done pistols from an aesthetic perspective, and that the smaller 3913's were virtually the definitive example of the ideal compact, single column defensive pistol in all aspects, including appearance.

    None of them can hold a candle to a nicely done Single Action revolver, however. :neener:

    Okay, back to not caring about appearance ...

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