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stuck bullets

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by thmsfraz, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. thmsfraz

    thmsfraz Member

    hello everyone i just found this site and wow it is very informative for the reloder well anyway my question is i have a taurus 45/410 with a 7.5 barrel and i just started reloading for it and i am having problems with the bullet getting stuck in the barrel i was loading a 250 grain hp/xtp with 14.5 gr. of accurate #9 well i bumped it up to 17 grains and so far i am having no problems but it is leaving a lot of powder in the barrel and cylinder any ideas about the load i am using i would not even care to switch powders if anyone has any ideas thanks
  2. Waffen

    Waffen Well-Known Member

    Questions to ask yourself?

    -Have you shot from this batch of primers before?
    You could have just gotten some weak primers, unlikley but possible.

    -Are you giving the bullet a firm crimp?
    If I had to guess it would be the crimp that would be your problem. Sometimes if you don't crimp a load it doesn't build up enough pressure to ignite certain powders. H110/WW296 comes to mind. I've never used #9, but it's certianly possible.

    -Did this powder attract moisture and go bad?
    Check to see if the powder smells fresh.

    -Did you even charge the case with powder?
    It is possible you did not charge the case and the primer is pushing the bullet into the barrel.

    To get the bullets out get a wooden dowel or use a 1 peice cleaning rod and gently tap the bullet out.
  3. thmsfraz

    thmsfraz Member

    yes i have made sure that i crimped it very well i crimp it until it mashes the case then back off one fourth turn also i bought more primers in a different brand and i always triple check to make sure the cases are charged i also got a new batch of powder from a different place one thing that i am not sure of is that in all of my reloading books it gives data for one type of pistol then for another type such as thompson center ect.. when i first loaded and had the problems i was loading light then went with the data for the tc and have not yet had no prob. but i have only shot it about 4 times i guess my main question is can my pistol handle these heavy loads again it is a new taurus 45/410 7 1/2 barrell
  4. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    That is at or near a maximum Ruger - TC load; guns that are much stronger than your Taurus.

    I think you were getting stuck bullets with a lighter load of AA#9 and residual powder with a heavy load because the loooong sloppy .410 cylinder of that oddball revolver does not let pressure get up to where it will burn the powder cleanly. Might be the only reason it is still in one piece.

    I'd try something like 8 grains Unique, a standard load for the caliber in real Colts.
  5. redneck2

    redneck2 Well-Known Member

    I'd agree with Jim. In fact, I suspect that you're real lucky it didn't ignite like it should.

    With AA #7 in my Ruger, 10.8 is a Ruger only load IIRC.

    17 grains of AA#9 could turn your Taurus into a grenade.

    You should double check this at Accurate's website.

    edit to add...

    I just checked at their site. The info you're using is max as labeled "Ruger and Contender ONLY".

    The AA9 loads are too much of a slow burning powder for your application
  6. toecutter

    toecutter Well-Known Member

    Yipes. I'm really not sure about this one at all. AA#9 doesn't sound right for that load at all either, and way too much powder. Go with unique, or if you want to stay with something slow, hodgdon's lil'gun. I think for this you want something fast, but something that won't get crazy pressures. Perhaps bluedot.
  7. stoky

    stoky Well-Known Member

    Many .45 Colt loads with slower burning powders do better with magnum primers. Although it isn't a magnum per se, it is magnum sized.

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