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Successful S.W. Arizona couse deer hunt!

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by gamestalker, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    Hello everyone! I took one of my Son's and his wife out for a couse deer hunt in unit 34A. We camped for a week starting on Thanksgiving day through 12/05. Glassed hard and saw a lot of bucks, but my son was looking for a wall hanger, and since his wife was wanting to shoot her first deer regardless of it's quality, I decided to concentrate on her for the first few days.

    Then on Tuesday evening I picked up 3 bucks in the spotting scope about 1-1/2 miles away, a decent 2x3, a larger 3x3, and then a monster 5x5. So I geared them up with radios and ear buds and sent them on the stalk. After about 45 minutes they were approaching ground zero, mind you I had to work off of two tripods, one for the deer, the other to keep tabs on them.

    So as I carefully got them into position for the shot, I looked back in the glass and saw that the monster was slipping out, he slowly and very intentionally hit a coolly and managed to escape death, he didn't flag, but he obviously knew something bad was about to happen. But then I got back on the two smaller bucks, and told the shooters to go ahead and slowly crest the finger and that the bucks would be directly in front of them. It went down perfect, my son passed on the 3x3, but my daughter in law smoked the 2x3. She put one of my reloaded Speer 100 gr. SPBT .243 win. right through hsi neck, lights out, dead and down!

    So Thursday, we glassed up this amazing 4x5. My younger Son was helping and actually did the guiding on this stalk and got his brother a 100" couser!!! Ya, we kicked ass out there this week. So far since the couser hunts started this year we have guided three 100" class kills, and 2 smaller but respectable. kills.

    We got the late hunt coming up, which means big rutting bucks. We'll be working a different unit (36B) but we have put some B&C bucks on the ground in that unit in the past, so it's looking good.

    Anyone interested in hunting SW Arizona, should know that there are plenty of record book deer, both mule deer and couser's. It's a rough game though and requires many long hours of glassing, and then grueling country to work.

  2. Yarddog

    Yarddog Well-Known Member

    ALL THAT & No Pics :D
  3. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    I knew that was coming, and rightfully so. I'll get one of my son's to post the pics for me, as I have no idea how to post pics, but those pics will be coming, I promise. I started out with the whole electronic age with a pretty good handle on things, and I even trained others how to use their operating systems. Then I became severely disabled, so I became disassociated with computers for about 10 years around 1999. Then when I decided to get back into electronics, everything had changed, things had become so much more broad with added features and system capabilities that were way beyond anything I ever thought possible, so I found myself completely over whelmed.

    I'm dead set on taking some courses so I can learn to operate all these wonderful tools, such as posting pics for others to enjoy! This is something I must do, as I'm growing tired of short changing my brothers on THR by not being able to show, and tell.

  4. witchhunter

    witchhunter Well-Known Member

    Nice job Stalker! My son took a nice archery mulie down there last year, I don't know the area but it was near Tucson. I am hoping to go with him next year too. When you figure out how to post pix, let me know. Too old to figure it out by reading the instructions!
  5. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    Ya, I'm too old to learn how to use these new fandangled electronics I guess. And hey Witchhunter, if you get back down here for a mule deer hunt send me a PM, maybe my boys and I can help you out with getting on a big boy. Our archery deer season is pretty long. We have several archery hunts, beginning in Jan, then one in velvet in Aug., and then another one in the fall / winter. I was glassing off my back porch a little over a week ago and pulled up a big 6x6 mule deer, and I mean big. he looked to be in the 180" class.


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