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Suggest a Rifle!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by shtinkypuppie, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. shtinkypuppie

    shtinkypuppie Member


    I'm looking to make my first foray into rifles. After browsing around a lot, I see some things I like, but never everything I like in one place. Since I'm sure ya'll will know a lot more than I can glean from the internet, here's what I'm looking for:

    - Convertible from 5.56 NATO to .22LR
    - Legal in California (e.g. can get BulletButton or another workaround)
    - Rails on top, hopefully bottom, and bayonet lug a plus
    - Preferably not an AR platform (I'm not fond of the direct impingement)

    I was very attracted to the Robinson XCR, which meets every criterion except the convertibility to .22 (and it's expensive). Since ammo is so damn expensive, a .22 convertible is a high priority. I know this is a tall order, but I'd like to find something that really suits me before I invest.

    If anyone has a favorite rifle that you think would fit the bill, I'd appreciate it if you'd share some stories.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. henschman

    henschman Well-Known Member

    If you want one that can take a .22 LR bolt conversion, you are pretty much stuck with direct impingement ARs. You could get one of the piston AR uppers and also have a dedicated .22 upper, like the ones CMMG sells. You could switch them out as you see fit. A whole upper costs more than the bolt conversion, but it is just as quick if not quicker to switch out, and they are usually more accurate too since they have the correct twist and actual bore diameter for .22 LR.
  3. jhnrckr

    jhnrckr Well-Known Member

    running .22lr down a 5.56/.223 barrel isnt going to give you good accuracy with a conversion kit. You are better getting a dedicated .22lr upper or a second gun.
  4. shtinkypuppie

    shtinkypuppie Member

    Yeah, that was what I was thinking, something that can accept a .22 upper (sorry, wrong terminology). Unfortunately the Robinson is proprietary and they don't make a .22 upper :(
  5. NCdrummer

    NCdrummer Well-Known Member

    Are guns legal in **********???
  6. 303tom

    303tom member

    Why not shoot .22LR in 5.56/.223 barrel, I thought .22 cal. was 5.56mm. I have a H&R 922 that will shoot .22 S-L-LR & .22 WMR, the bullet of a .22LR is .222, the bullet of a .22WMR is .223. But I don`t change the barrel, just the cylinder.
  7. jhnrckr

    jhnrckr Well-Known Member

    AR twist is too fast for a light .22lr.
  8. 303tom

    303tom member

    Are you kidding me, my Savage Mark II FV has a 1 in 9 & it shoots a 20 grain bullet, you want a faster twist for a smaller & lighter bullet..........
  9. ExAgoradzo

    ExAgoradzo Well-Known Member

    Only barely legal! And not for long!!!
  10. ugaarguy

    ugaarguy Moderator Staff Member

    That's bad info to give to a new shooter. Faster twist rates are required to stabilize longer projectiles. However, .22 LR velocity is low enough that it typically shoots well enough at short ranges out of fast twist AR bbls. even though they're also slightly overbore for the projectile.
  11. 303tom

    303tom member

    That is true, but I did not give bad info, what I said was true.............

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