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Suggestions on a new "assault rifle."

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Snaps, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Snaps

    Snaps Well-Known Member

    I've got the urge to buy another semi. No ARs or Rugar Minis because I've got those. I'm kind of thinking about some type of side cocker but I don't really know what to look for. Has to be something I can get some hi-cap mags for. I was thinking about a HK USC but no hi-cap mags for it...

    ANy suggestions, comments, opinions ? :)
    Help me spend my money:evil:
  2. gun-fucious

    gun-fucious Well-Known Member

  3. ny32182

    ny32182 Well-Known Member



  4. Snaps

    Snaps Well-Known Member

    Welp... I don't know anything really about FALs, I've been trying to look at one but nobody has them. Only thing is I've been told they're all kinds of expensive:( I'll have ot check into how hard it is to pick up hi-caps for that.

    No ARs though.... I've got a 15 and that's enough for me.

    AKs are on the possibility list..

    I really am not sure about what caliber I want either.. Decisions decisions..:cool:
  5. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    How about one of these? :D

  6. Stickjockey

    Stickjockey Well-Known Member


    Stop that! Stop that right now!:D
  7. Snaps

    Snaps Well-Known Member

    Preacherman, i've got three of those.:D

    Not quite what I'm looking for though:neener:

    EDIT: On possibility is a USC with the conversion.
  8. doctorhumbert

    doctorhumbert Well-Known Member

    I too got sick of AR and got one of these. You can find one for around $2000.

    Whatever you do don't buy USC because:
    1. It's ugly
    2. It's grey. It's not an Evil Assault Rifle unless it's BLACK!!!
    3. It only holds 10rounds (unless you get those even uglier M3 mag. conv.).
    4. It has stupid one piece stock/pistol grip.
    5. They 'might' become obsolete when AWB does sunset (doubful, but possible), and HK starts producing semi UMP carbine domestically.
    6. Has very poor resale value. (see above and below).
    7. It's plastic. Grey. and did I mention that it's Ugly?

    If you can't afford HK93/91. I also recommend pre/post ban Daewoo K2 ($1500) or DR200 ($1000) with pinned stock.
  9. duckfoot

    duckfoot member

    Got a FAL and am very happy. DSA is the cats a$$ for fals but they can be had for less.
  10. Snaps

    Snaps Well-Known Member

    This part
    is all I'm worried about. I do expect it to just die quietly

    I like teh look, the people who do the conversions also do the black die :) and I don't sell any guns. I keep 'em.

    I'm still trying to decide what to get. I like the HK posted in that pic.
  11. Sven

    Sven Senior Member

    So, that's a negative connotation, right?
  12. Dionysusigma

    Dionysusigma Well-Known Member

    AK or variant.

    Get lots of accessories.
    Anything, as long as it ain't chambered in
    <=========This ;) :D
  13. MAKOwner

    MAKOwner Well-Known Member

    How can you have a collection of "assault weapons" and not have an AK, especially when you want something affordable??? Get a Romanian if you're cheap and don't care about perfect fit and finish ($300ish), or one of the nicer AKs from someone like AK-USA, Arsenal, or Robinson Arms if you have $500-$700 to spend...
  14. nick89302

    nick89302 Well-Known Member

    C'mon Snaps, I've seen some of what you have and you NEED an AK. Then you can get the HK 93/91 to go with that USP. I really like the HK as well, but an AK variant will be cheap.
  15. bmwguy

    bmwguy Well-Known Member

    How bout a RA M96 Recon?
    Stoner design and uses ar -15 mag.
    USA made, so you're helping the US economy.
    You should be able to buy one around 1300.
  16. OEF_VET

    OEF_VET Well-Known Member

    Buy the AK. If you want commonality of ammo with your AR, you could go with the SAR-3, although mags are a little more rare and therefore expensive than a SAR-1.

  17. CZ52GUY

    CZ52GUY Well-Known Member

    One of these?


    Good luck!

  18. Chipperman

    Chipperman Well-Known Member

    dionysusigma, now you can't make any more posts. If you do, reference to the post number won't make sense anymore. :neener:
  19. Snaps

    Snaps Well-Known Member

    Only thing is i've got a slight.... thing if you will about AKs.. They're still on the list of things to look at though.

    Whats up Nick:)
  20. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    I've heard that the FNC is the greatest of all "assault rifles." You should buy one of those.

    Oh, yeah, I just remembered. I have one for sale!:D

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