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Super Agent - Super Camp!

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Valkman, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I'm a big Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan and just watched a DVD of "Super Agent Super Dragon", a sucky James Bond rip-off made hilarious by the crew of the "Satellite of Love". But I digress. :D

    Here's a Super Camp ordered after my first one was in Blade, it's the 3rd to go out. This giraffe bone is really weird stuff - half the time all the color and cracks disappear when you grind it!

    7" blade, false edge on top, 12" overall
    1/4" D2, HT by Bos
    1/8" mosaic pins, 1/4" SS lanyard tube


    This is the biggest, heaviest knife I make. :)

    Here's a pic of the first 2 I sent out, I found these hard to duplicate from the first one but they have looked pretty good when done. There's 3 Fighters, 3 Landsharks and then the first 2 Super Camps.


    Now you know the real reason I put lanyard tubes in these - I have no idea if anyone uses them but they're to hang the knives on nails when I'm done!
  2. JShirley

    JShirley Administrator Staff Member

    That's a big hunk of knife! :what:

    Those Landsharks are incredibly beautiful.

  3. Eleven Mike

    Eleven Mike Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming the Landshark is your own original design? Nicely done.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2008
  4. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    The Landshark was my toughest design, as I'll only make designs I come up with but every hunter I made wound up looking like a Loveless. Not a bad thing but not very original either. So I kept trying different things and while I use the Loveless influence on the blade (although a but shorter than his) I finally came up with my own handle design that worked. Looks like a shark, used on land. Great SNL skit, the Landshark. :)
  5. sm

    sm member

    That is a very nice knife! It is big too!

    Yes I know lanyard holes keep nails company, and I remember the old SNL and Landshark.

    If you do a "Puppy Upper-Puppy Downer" pattern, I am going laugh myself into tears.

  6. John G

    John G Well-Known Member

    Whoa. All those knives look great. I need to start saving some money.
  7. Bartkowski

    Bartkowski Well-Known Member

    They're all nice, but my favorite is the landshark. Nice knives.
  8. ArfinGreebly

    ArfinGreebly Moderator Emeritus

    Land $hark

    $omebody's gonna have to remind me what the Land $hark $ells for.

    I may have an urge to $hell out $ome money on one of those.

    I think I $aw the price somewhere, but can't remember just now.

  9. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    I have 2 ATS-34 Land$hark blanks that I could complete in what micarta, G10 or wood I have for $225 plus whatever kind of sheath you want. Kydex or leather, $45. Ironwood, giraffe bone or stag $100 more.

    That blue/red G10 in the pic has no home - a guy ordered it then had all kinds of medical issues. It's ready for a $heath! :)
  10. shevrock

    shevrock Well-Known Member

    Do you guys forge your own blades?
  11. theotherwaldo

    theotherwaldo Well-Known Member

    It's Secret Agent Super Dragon!

  12. Valkman

    Valkman Well-Known Member

    Shevrock, I do stock removal from steel bars.

    I realized last night the name was "Secret Agent" but figured no one would know the difference. LOL

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